Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16, 2018

The camera is a tool and once an image is taken it sticks to your outer senses as truth. Seeing your self objectified alleviates your inner struggles and you instill in future snap shots your external facade and your true self is now hidden under stacks of memory cards and a once upon a time is now forever lost in egos insatiable hunger.  Ego instills in the doubtful mind a need for distractions and insists that you continually follow the fads of surface reflections as truth, a facade where by you can hide under the cloth of glamour.

Glamour versus meaningful creative imagery.  When you create an image it has an internal power of forceful purpose. You went inside your self to undercover your vision. 

When you create purposeful imagery you use your inner intuition that releases you from your  external constraints, connecting your vision outward with the subject that is becoming a real physical presence.

When we live on the surface of our sight, we lose touch with our inner core, we are weakened aesthetically. We must dig deeper into the black void of self and coax up from the eternal depths your new voice of strength.  

Your inner self has been hidden from you through the indoctrination into societies demands, the need to control the vision of our futures.  We need a discipline of inner strength to coax out our unique voice and not allow a world controlled by the few to harness our gifts of intense new visions.

Herd instincts drive us to react hostile toward new possibilities of expressing our own inner truths, society forces us to accept the created stereotypical doctrines of organized institutions that define our existence in burdensome holes of deceit which will slowly seal up our inner truth from expressing itself in an art form that is yours and yours only. 

Your inner perspective is the ticket to opening the formal palace of constricting past formula's of visual art. Your new insightful awareness will create new visions that can break through the structured memories of the corralled populace.

Nurture your creative truth. Don't hide in a complacent mind accepting someone else's strength of will that dictates to you what is good art and what is bad art. 

The golden rule today is to pursue your own deadly sins, why wait and become an object of derision, get what you want now in material value at someones else’s expense.  Hi-five your friends with your criminality. 

Social Media twists your intuitive thoughts and turns them into fluff and gibberish.  We seem to be in a century of angry selfishness, underlined with hyper sensitivity toward anyone with a possible answer to the mayhem of selfish private gains.  The self righteous will stand tall in the public eye to mouth their concerns about the on going incidents of useless violence, but the only action taken is to pass the hat around selling hair oils for the insecure.

This feeling of aloneness begins to permeate the entire psyche of the human race. This leads us to stand by dumbfounded and watch the suffering of the innocence for profit.

Images will have no purpose, no voice without a deep connection to the subject present.  An intuitive expression that forces our intelligence to see beyond this clutter of meaningless distractions into the true reality of your own existence which intern exposes us to a new formulation of our possibilities unencumbered by deliberate attacks on our individuality.

Where did our common sense go? It went in the direction of being seen as more important than being aware and focused in our life, not for the masses of common sheep, but for our own perceptive universe we share with our individuality.

When did egotistical behavior become the only expression of self?  When did the appalling lack of control of our external world give us a thrill of acceptance?  These violent acts are only the human animal finally showing its greedy eyes.

If we seek to hinder our ability to see with our own eyes the unfolding of our beautiful reality hidden behind the facade of sales reports then we have posited ourselves in the controlling illusion of life that only seeks material gain with thoughts of dullish aggression.

We become overwhelmed by the infinity of visual stimulus.  We barely have time to reflect before we experience another image that affects us in our emotional surface.  We never dig deeper into the viewing session but only react instantaneously to the picture and then move onto another passing moment.  These are not our moments. They are simulations of a distracted life but only that. They are not real life and certainly not your own.
It seems our new god is formatted from the constant bombardment of ads which instill in us an addictive want that disrupts our surface life, that keeps us from going beyond our simplified intelligence of order at all costs into a larger understanding of our place in the multiplicity of voices dying to be heard.  But we don't listen because our daily life is one of focused despair.  Our mantra is just make it through one more day that is it ,just one more and one more....
The corporate news treats us like kids ready for a tantrum. They don't give solutions but only repeat the script they have used for centuries.

The viewer listens to these hollow words with their twisted logic and incomprehensible analysis of the repetitive acts of violence. And we sit numb to the flow of time, wasting our deeper consciousness that could if focused upon bring forth our connective souls vision of inner truth and releasing upon the world a missed character we ran from when we were young and mindful of time/space illusions.

However, right now we are trapped in a causality loop and in order to break free from the circular logic of corporate media we have to begin to seek answers for ourselves.  Listen to your own internal barometer and dig deep in yourself for the lies of banal words repetitive vice. Social Media doesn't want the violence to stop for fear that their pay checks will be diminished

To see is to become.  Trends are created not by individuality but by constant shallow visual stimulation.  Our sight is the temptress undermining our ability to seek our truth and not some ad of created desires never wanted or needed.

In order to create a visible  connection between you and your subject you must spend the time not in a helter skelter blitz of snap shots but a deeper connection of trust that allows the subject to open up its true character. Giving you a new harmony of connection that frees you from the burden of copycat snap shots of a life less lived.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

March 11, 2018

Aesthetic purity is in the mind of the beholder, there is no pure absolute universal visual intensity all can agree on.  Our thoughts claim an intelligence conditioned to see the words exposed in objects of material vastness. Beauty is your perceptions veiled in conditioned responses to a language taught you from birth.  We must free ourselves from our limited awareness, our narrow paths of deception that define our personalities and artistic sight.

We see what we want to see is a facade of shallow thoughts.  We see what we have to see if we can liberate our sight from rules of aesthetic cliche's.

Pure vision is like the Virgin Birth, we as humans can't fathom the observed perfect unity blending the spirit and the physical self.  Aesthetic is a personal vision, art is as good as its creator and his connection with the envisioned project or found objects of intuition need to be developed and created through humility and listening to his inner voice.  Just as a painter feels his subject through his inner eye image creators do the same. We must in order to understand our inner landscape begin the journey of discovering its physical presence. 

We are connected with the forces of nature, meaning not only the natural beauty in nature but the violent raging weather, animals and so called man that populate our fearful perceptions.  Through history we have the gift of an adaptive character within us.  This has allowed us to formulate the reality we share by mutual trust of control.  If we can't control our external forces surrounding us then we are no better than the animals we consume.  

We must apprehend intuitively our inner vision of the subject of interest through our own intrinsic need for revelations. 

Can an image have a deeper purpose than a shallow surface reflection of your human obsessive need for distraction without reflections.  The answer is universally yes, and that is what we are seeing today, surface glitter of a humanity lost in its direction and stumbling along with distractions that don't invite intuitive visions of a better world but instead delay the minds recognition of a deeper spiritual life undermined by glamour and deceit.

When you are intimately involved with the creation of your chosen subject through concentrated focused, determination to go beyond surface details but instead try and show a new version of the old rhetorical repetition and create a willful purpose of feelings buried deep in our consciousness that is waiting to be revealed, then your image creation is fluid with your becoming.  

Letting go of your daily needless distractions and having a pure focused intent on the subject allows you to feel your depth of intuitive connectivity with your subject.

True visual intensity is seeing not through formal structures that hinder originality but through personal intense intuition that connects with your subject on a new plane of experience.  An inner reflection of your inner visual originality.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 28, 2018

Brassai, "Every creative person has a second Date of Birth, and one which is more important than the first, that on which he discovers what his true vocation is."

Within humanity there must be individuality.  Women and men must choose what they will become, thus all become a unique likeness to his/her willful purpose.

The next product, the next fad becomes you and for a month, two months you are a created persona of fashion, limiting your liability to expand beyond the high glitter of facade.  

Reality is constant distractions breaking our willful purpose into fragments of daily chores and conditioned responses to our hectic life of technology's cursed universality.

Every time you distract yourself away from your inner consciousness you lose the ability to act in the present moment.  You have been fooled to believe by listening to the concrete structures of wealthy needs that your actions are truly your own.

All you have done is accept with a bitter taste in your mouth the rules of conformity.  Allowing your inner perceptions to be overwhelmed and put aside by someone else's personal unique vision.  

To be yourself and to see the world through your eyes you need to pursue your inner vision to the tenth degree.  Yes, you will still have to adapt your purpose to life's endless scattering of ideas and visions.  But you must never lose sight of your own inner conscious perceptions of your fluid reality.  

We can't stop motion, that is life's endless need but we can for a few seconds create in our lives our vision in the externality of our inner source of creation reflected in the eye's visualization in time's constant flow.  For a brief second we have stopped the flow not by ignorance but by a need to expose visual art that represents your inner landscape in this moment quickly receding.

We are finding our true footing on a necessary slippery path to freedom of consciousness beyond the solid disinformation of our created past and present by fools of commerce and industry. Where the only goblin in life is gluttony and material wealth, all else is valueless and removable.

If we enter a new sleeve of personality or a patched up facade every time our ego wishes to be something else we are destroying our unique existence and limiting our inner consciousness the freedom to become a true self.

A self refusing to explore the depths of his own personality out of fear and daily distractions from the powerful influence of matter is a mere shadow glimpse of his true willful purpose.  

Physical existence hinders insight of pure conscious neutrality, perceptions that can connect one to an outer existence of direct awareness.

Intuition is the true means to explore your inner perspective and to get a true connection with external stimulus. Without stopping to perceive the moments of spacial time as is, without constant focus, we will never experience the truth of our own created realities.

Photography used as a means to focus and connect with the external realities could become a means to understanding your own unique personality.

Ernst Haas, "Still, I don't want to declare there are no highways of fruitful directions. In learning there are. Follow them, use them and forget them. Don't park. Highways will get you there, but I tell you, don't ever try and arrive.  Arrival is the death of inspiration."

Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018

We create patterns, repetitious actions that define us. It is a way we use our intelligence to order the hectic pace of life and visual stimulation.

Are we becoming existential memory tapes of our own lives? Living life in a video/snap shot of and not living our lives as is.

This constant addiction to digitizing our moments and not living them free of external reflection is becoming a barrier from life and denying our individuality and presenting us as a cardboard cut out, a star being in love with his own likeness.

We are constantly on. Our eyes see and registers desires temptation.  Because of this we are easily swayed to move away from purpose and into recording a purpose.  A bait and switch.

The next product the next fad becomes you and for a month, two months you are a created persona of fashion, an illusion of theatrical drama. This facade is not your outer perspective it is only how others see you in this moment soon fleeting and not how you see yourself. How do we reconcile our outer experience with our inner self? A knowledge that is secret only to us. How do we present ourselves and be understood at the same time? It is impossible because of the material conditioning we have endured that has disenfranchised us from our true selves and our true perspectives.  

We must start slowly disconnecting ourselves from the vulgar chaos of advertisements seen as our inner goals.  They are not.  They are only someone else's perception of a reality we are paying for.  This inner reality we never share with others represents your unique voice.  Why wait to death's knocking before opening up your life to the world, deliberately and uniquely, coming out of your chrysalis to begin your inner journey with outer revelations of unique image creations.

Susan Sontag, " It offers, in one easy, habit-forming activity, both participation and alienation in our own lives and those of others-allowing us to participate, while confirming alienation.  A society which makes it normative to aspire never to experience privation, failure, misery, pain, dread disease, and in which death itself is regarded not as natural and inevitable but as a cruel, unmerited disaster, creates a tremendous curiosity about these events-a curiosity that is partly satisfied through picture-taking. The feeling of being exempt from calamity stimulates interest in looking at painful pictures, and looking at them suggests and strengthens the feeling that one is exempt. In the real world, something is happening and no one knows what is going to happen.  In the image-world, it has happened, and it will forever happen in that way."

Barriers to seeing and living a fulfilling life are constant threats.
Each road we go down has the potential to stiffen our creativity.
Each moment can mean a different future. Each future is your original being waiting to take a chance on a new direction.

Nervous neurotic energy of empty space must be filled with myself, I will create my purpose.

We progress through many lives as we mature and grow old and then die. Patience just waits, no longer an option to discover yourself. For those who think reality can be controlled by action alone are naive.

Are your barriers to seeing and living a simple attachment of fear to an action, to have a thought and then a feeling of anxiety limits your ability to communicate with the scene before you, focus on the good things that brought you here and explore the scene even in trepidation for once you have mastered your ability to ignore anxiety then you are on your way to bridging inner and outer realities.

If you place a mental barrier over a unique perspective then you are instigating a withdrawal from your subject and lessening your choices and your visual purpose. 

Your trust with your visual passion creates a relationship 
with the scene before you and this connection is more important than allowing fear to control the outcome of a vibrant personal vision? We all have to fight through our nemesis and times ruthless progression.

This will allow you not to arrange the world through visual ruts that have controlled your perceptions through the years with structured ignorance of your true potential. You must begin to see through a clearer lens, toward a world that is opening and blossoming with excitement for your eager eyes.

Self, our internal subjective being comes into his own when one breaks the binding of words dictating to us our past, present and future. 

The beauty in photography is to connect the dots between you and your subject. Photography can bridge your inner fears toward a better examination of your truth in originality.

We do not create images of our memories.  We create images of our self objectified in the fabric of the landscape.  We choose our subjects with purpose, not with a happy trigger finger, your inner world is exposed through the details that combine to illuminate the final chosen scene.

It is a document of compassion, with sincerity to make images of your connections with the exterior details that represent your spiritual consciousness. It is not a snap shot of being their but actually Being there interacting with the scene as a human attentive to the smallest details that made you stop and look in the first place.

Monday, January 29, 2018

January 28, 2018

Henri Bergson, "Our intelligence, finding only the old in the new, feels itself on familiar ground; it is at ease; it "understands". Such is the clarity we desire, are looking for, and for which we are always most grateful to whoever presents it to us."

We are creating ourselves beyond our internal life, creating a new likeness to what the collective dictates is acceptable behavior. A behavior dictated by an outer force.

Words are daily manipulated to change the meaning of photographs.  To instill confusion of what you see and by doing this making it easier to use propaganda to convince someone something is happening in real life instead of a created existence in minds of a confused populace.

We are becoming a video game society easily tempted with bells and whistles to entertain us but not educate us on the true nature of social media's ever expanding role and control in our lives.

We live our lives it seems in movie roles.  These become our living facade and makes it easier to express your nature through theatrics rather than real intuitive communication.

So our focus and concentration span is getting shorter and it will be harder for the new generations to express the de-evolving of our conscious efforts.  We will be speaking in short word sentences unable to grasp any communication over a 30 second span.

The external images are created for our centering.  A cohesive unity of structure.  These images are not necessarily your friend.  Your personal vision creates your external view.  If you are negative in your approach to the external world then your vision will be compromised with a defeatist attitude.  Remember nothing will be perfect, that is fools gold.  Your inner compass guides you to fulfill your unique opportunity to express through imagery your inner world.

Our internal consciousness is our inner compass.  By ignoring our inward intuition we lose touch with our personal image creating talent. We take an easy shortcut to the external facade of ego and become slaves to the now, by meaningless visual stimulus that has no barring on our future sight.  Only a limitation on what you are capable of when you explore the external facades but not your own neglected inner consciousness. 

Your natural talents are put deep under the ridiculous bait and switch motives of greed in this all consuming material grab fest.

Simplify your life by looking deeper into your intuitive consciousness to find a connection not with the outside foolery but an inner stability of your truth.  Once that is found then you can create external representations of your inner purpose.

It is very easy in social media to change the meaning of a snap shot by using words that deliberately inflame.

It is almost impossible when you use social media not to reinvent yourself by creating facades that have a homogeneous quality to the mass hypnosis of self centerness. Our being is unique but also susceptible to bend to the need for attention in this web based addiction to the 'look at me glamour'. 

Once that addiction to step into the limelight of attention seeking, you begin to feel the controlling influence of your projected persona and create a facade that is not you, it is your ego seeking  the limelight the blundering need for the accolades of falsity from the unknown masses of a surface reality. 

This addiction to support an ego with external fabrications is the crippling of your true value, your concentration on your interior landscape. And on your intuition that can give your internal duration a true time, one that is unique to you and your vision for image creation. Not a false time of exterior possessions.  

Photographs that are rushing by as you travel head long into your surface reality will not bring you to a deeper level.  This obsession with the hook in your mouth need to capture your life is an illusion.  Your life can't be captured through mindless snap shots.  Your life will never be captured.  Your stimulus to accept the herd instincts of created fades for the fashion wizards of manipulation begins your spiral into a self that will never be present.  

As you build up these external displays none of this is truly your inner consciousness but an attempt by the controlling forces to pigeon hold you in a small life of quick sand (materialism) that you cannot break free of. 

Life is constant motion not a static representation, a captured moment on a screen.  Our need to feel the familiar is an instinct of survival. Something we can't explain disrupts the common sight of a physical reality that doesn't change.  Of course this is an illusion because our lives change in infinite ways each second of the day.  But to control their outer dogma as truth is the controlling influence of a reality built around objects of possession.  

Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Our daily lives are influenced heavily by technology that takes our actions for granted and plants us firmly in the ground of compulsive behavior. These repetitious actions reinforce the validity of the action and thus we assume our actions are real and worthy. However, all we are is imitating each other, creating in our own mind an invitation to be controlled.

The activities of your daily life, your kids birthday parties, hosting a dinner for your friends, all these situations will be photographed automatically as you disconnect yourself more and more from the moments of your life. 

Instead of thinking about the person you are interacting with you will be thinking about how you look and act towards the camera. You can't wait to see what pics this mechanical beast took of your little party. 

And once the party is over you won't live your life through conscious memories of that day but have to look at your life through the eyes of an objective device that has no feeling toward you or your purpose, a surveillance camera in your own house. 

You have substituted that which can give you insight into your life and others by immersing yourself and your feelings intuitively into a scene for an object placed outside your visual consciousness to take snap shots of a life you are not truly living.

This will continue your growing awareness of the Existential reality of your own existence.  To experience existentialism on a massive scale throughout our individual lives will increase fear, hate, violence, greed etc... and in order for you to feel superior and “real” you will have to dominate the Human Species.

We are living this today. The continuing reality of people as objects, a narrowing of the mind's perception of individuality between independence and the herd mentality. The wealthy see themselves as 'Titans of the old Roman Empire of profit'. 

Social Media controls the information that is fed to us in diluted form in order to pacify the masses of corralled minds, that are finally realizing that life exists for only those that can move away from the automated formula's of the wealthy and begin again to use their own mental capabilities to explore their own inner directions with confidence in their purpose.

We all carry our own albatross around our necks that deny our hopeful glances at something new and original, not for profit but the sharing of an original ideas.

Technology as it becomes more and more invasive wants more and more power.  The ultimate goal for technology is to think for mankind.  Any questions you may have can be instantaneously answered not by your own deep study but by cliche answers from the meekest of sources. 

Human kind does not want to think for themselves but wants to be pulled along with the flow of times cruel endings. Why think, that can put stress on your delicate skin and confuse an already dying individual mind.

As we distract ourselves more and more by words and ideas that are at best trivial, our conversations become more repetitive. An accumulation of junk thoughts that has as much purpose as a devout atheist as Pope. We seem to allow our minds to take the least path of resistance and this leads down the road to Fascism.

New imagery with intuitive truth has a limited value, a passing fad of human folly and violent aggression. The powers that be insist on violence to regurgitate the simple minds inability to think out of the box he is in. By ignoring the paths for deliverance we intrude on other's feelings by a misrepresentation of the truth.

When you create a worthy image from your subjective intuition you have transgressed the formality of controlled thoughts and enter into a world of anarchy.  

The only meaningful subjects it seems for print nowadays is hollywood glamour. The tidbits of truth that make us jealous of the perfect hair, the perfect eyes, the perfect nose and body. Exterior perfection hides a shallow beast of material dependency.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January 9, 2017

We are moving our knowledge base to something foreign, exterior to our private needs.  It sounds good but instead of finding info for ourselves we seek outside of our own consciousness the answers to our individual concerns.  We are being lumped together as products and then bombarded by ads to buy this or that but these products don't have any real purpose but to install in shallow minds a feeling of knowledge that is a mirage and we end up knowing only what they tell us.  The rhythms of your heart are distorted and encumbered with conformity.  Your inner genius is subdued and moved to a new location in a controlled environment of specific ads and no news, so you feel you're living your own life.  This exterior force that infiltrates your independent consciousness is a natural reaction to propaganda. We natural retreat to ideas of lesser values, ideas that we think are safe for our very future.  To think out of conformity begins the isolation of your individuality and a shunning of your thoughts as folly or sacrilegious.  Conform or be denied is the new catch word of the wealthy's manipulation.  

Laws are being formed for disobedience that once matured will stifle all freedom of thought. The misdirection of selfhood are apparent. We think we are individuals making a difference in our lives living our truth but we are living a truth that allows only answers and not questions concerning its validity.  

The biggest falsehood now is the consumer mentality being directed by illusions that not to have is a slap in the face of your ego life. You must buy in order to feel important and alive.  

The brain demands order and in the face of anxious memories and false visions, it will seek a peaceful conquest of its independence.

The free falling life of independent thoughts accuse words of determining our future and words put a strangle hold on our freedom of creativity, our personal vision.

We are insulated from the world that surrounds us which begs us to see the natural beauty beyond the metal forces of illogical concepts always changing, getting us more and more into the big muddy.

These futile attempts to cover over our own animal desires to destroy dreams of independence in order for our little gods to applaud our made up stories of off world paradises just waiting for our death is disgusting and vulgar.

Solitude is a witness to your inner world, a means to experience the infinite duration in us with intuitive visions of your potential subjects to create purposeful imagery.  That ability to look at the subject with interest begins your journey in creating images that reveal your inner landscape.  You can listen to others or listen to your inner unique voice.

The words, thoughts, images found are spoken only to you, you must explore them with intuition and forceful determination to block out the voices of jealous conformity.

Social Engineering is alive and well in today's consumer driven economy. The only problem is that you can’t turn off the faucet.  Once you instill in animals a behavior to act a certain way you have a big problem trying to change that behavior.  We have been conditioned past the bible’s limited knowledge of truth to envy others and what they have. So we are conditioned to buy and buy and spend and spend and the material world goes around and around.  We are no longer self aware of what we have become and because of our shallow evolution we are easily distracted by technology and are suckers for the next latest and greatest.  We move as metadata through life becoming just statistics in a fish bowl of manipulations, never trying to stop and become something more. As the earth’s resources evaporate and extreme climate changes occur with ever increasing frequency we are slaves to our choices. 

To speak out against this hatred toward the beauty of nature and its powerful force is the radical voices of human beings.

We highlight those individuals that protest the increasing power of the world corporations that use our money to mobilize reactionaries of blind indifference, yes men and women that react to outside forces (propaganda's clueless words) like Pavlov's Dog and spit incomprehensible words of vile hatred toward human beings trying to save this planet.

And because our system of capitalism is based on greed and power, we see in other countries a willingness to go along with the overbearing barons of capitalism.  You will find my friend that corporations are not only people but the new gods of this little planet. They will not give up this pervasive power easily and they will defend their wealth with ever more draconian systems to beat down the masses and suck their individual vision of a purposeful life as one would drink a soda with a straw. 

Fearing life and not embarking on your own personal inner travels is the real issue confronting our allegiance to the external rather your internal insights and your preparations to connect with the exterior reality on your own insightful terms in order to create visual art.

Covering up your loneliness with partial posts that don't tell anyone about your true self only a facade of your external being open to choices of unknown results. One is always moving beyond the reality that is present in yourself.  Your truth that none see, only seeing a hatred of becoming part of the herd but scared to stand alone and voice your true inner vision. It is as if one is embarking on creating an ego self as your truth, a visual betrayal to others, a new person not in touch with their true interior self but in touch with an alter ego of pride and greed.

Think of your social media site and the overwhelming amount of information and minutia of details you can find that really has no purpose for you or how you want to live your life.

Social media can paralyze you into non action. Controlling how you perceive the world and how we interact with it on a shallow, glossy surface, using words that have been taught through generations with the only real value, control of your senses. Labels dictate your minds surface reaction. Stop the pursuit of individuality and the inner relationships one has with your true self for an anonymous external relationship with the fear of loss and a painful duration of lies. Externally we are easy targets for the propaganda machine and its on going purpose to subdue originality.

Each day have a goal of connecting with a subject that interests you.  If it is just a facade of a building or a mannequin in a window,
look for very simple graphics and that holds your eye and creates a question in your mind about reality and your own personal vision.

Begin to explore space not under the gun of passing time.  Speed is not appropriate when reaching deep in yourself to find your unique inner reality. Settle into your visionary space and let go of the illusion of time.  Begin to see time and space as one.  Your duration in time and space is your unique journey.