Thursday, May 24, 2018

May 24, 2018

All world cultures are being dummdified with facts of meaningless behaviors, mindless prodding to shop, shop until you drop mentalities, untruths about what is really going wrong worldwide, while the powerful wealth owns the airwaves and our exterior being. The media machine is in full gear and we accept the beginning ending as we slowly move into repression until all that is left is people doing godless work. 

The influence of elite wealth creates in us a disturbing memory of the controlling force of oppression seen and felt in our very bones as our ancestors struggled against the almighty greed of accumulating obscene wealth at the expense of human lives. 

We are becoming an untruth, an experiment of deception in the guise of fulfillment in surface glamour. Living in lies of untruth we fear the inevitable decisions to create our own world.  And what this creation will entail.  In truth it is just you becoming aware of your inner intuition and focusing on your perceptions as a means to explore your inner being and in doing so become aware of your inner talents waiting to be expressed.  

When you create imagery from your intuitive mind you are in tune with the volatile universe that is not stationary but in constant flux. 

In order to change your outer facade to exemplify your inner core you will need courage and the ability to accept the constant creating of each moment as it passes. 

Time is nothing but objects in space. An external depth that creates motion and repetition, then our adaptive intellect needing stability calculates these movements that are in constant flux.  

Our individuality shouldn't depend on a structure of words and visual perceptions that limit our ability to see and function in our own time.  

Living in a life of untruth with fear of losing your self image created by controlling forces that corral you in words of domineering tyranny shaping you with consistent repetitious demands of conformity thus creating the illegitimate being of your true selfhood. 

The next product, the next fad becomes us and for a month, two months and we are a created persona of falsified glamour, limiting our ability to expand beyond the high glitter of a false-hearted facade. 

If we enter a new sleeve of personality every time our ego wishes to be something other than we truly are (to hide from the inevitable truth) we are destroying our unique existence and limiting our inner core the freedom to become itself.  

We can't become our true nature by allowing external forces to limit our unconscious desire to see reality through our own eyes.

Are we becoming videos/still images in our own lives?  Not a person of substance standing alone, standing strong for his uniqueness but a show of ego wanting people to see him/her in copycat repetition of millions of surfing likes.

A constant addiction to digitizing our moments and not living them freely, enjoying each moment in our unique awareness is the curse of modern technology. To live a life in distraction away from meaningful interaction is the new god of realities impoverished deceptions which is easily manipulated for profit. 

The only reality is your own perception not a fluff game of diverting imagery of crime and terror. These images are becoming a falsity of distorted proportions taking our unique self and moving them into the fear based spectacle of illusions.

We are substituting our lives with a copy. Why not experience your reality first hand, why substituted with an image or video?

Instead of experiencing moments with empathy in life's constant transformations we instead objectify our lives in digital form.  And this techno life is not real but a buttress to becoming a unique self.  

We mistake this technology as a mediator for us to control our lives.  A means to grasp hold of a solid reality that will never change.  But this is an illusion, this technology fraud is not about freedom but about control and as this control gains more power it will control our mind and soul.

This life is not about controlling fear.  It is about loss of freedom.  We have substituted freedom with repetitious, imaginary desires  ignoring life's constant transitions.  Or I should say life's personal revelations.  

We don't grasp the the significant barriers being installed that will limit our freedoms and our unique perspectives. Corporate fear of individuality must be corralled so they create a facade that is a false protection against the despair of existential loneliness and abandonment. Each of us face the absurdity of life as we live it.

Without facing truth not as a word that is defined by corporate greed but a truth that is not a symbol but a feeling inside, not an external domineering force of lies.

We are constantly on display.  How depressing and boring. Our eyes see and register created desires. Because of this we are easily swayed to move away from purpose and into recording a purpose.  A bait and switch.

We create patterns, repetitious actions that define us.  It is a way we use our consciousness to order the hectic paces of life and visual stimulation. Anger builds when we can't connect to our inner purpose our true self.

We have become objects to promote a fashion to others, a personality with no deep personal revelation, only surface glitter.

Ego demands the will to become the target of obnoxious obsessions of self gratification just so it will be seen by others. 

Our image making is now image taking.  Our greedy sight takes everything in a split second (no need to slow down and truly study the subject before your eyes) as the shutter is released and the ego is fed once again on trivia and embarrassing moments of his or someone else's life.  

I feel it is better to be heard than seen.  Being seen is a limiting your reality that is used up quickly as viewers sift through billions of images without caring for the background of the shot but just a simple glance, a blink of the eye for more and more visual gluttony. 
Accumulating in dull brains that are not experiencing life but traveling in a circus of needy wants to distract them from any possibility to assume a real truth and that truths consequences.

People do not want to be untethered from a physical presence of materialism our only faith since time began. Today, distraction is the the key motivator to elude the harsh truths of the this planets demise.

Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

Deepak Chopra, "You have unique talents latent waiting to be discovered  a talent that no one else has. When you are doing that one thing you lose track of time. When you are expressing that one talent that you posses the expression of that talent takes you into timeless awareness"

The goal of image creation isn't to copy an eventful life with images of external physicality but to create images that express your inner being your inner truth your intuitive consciousness.  When your goal is expressing this intuitive revelation of subject than your images will immediately be felt by a viewer as a life represented to them open and expressive.

Inner dark outer light the addiction to seeing the light as the only reality that is truth. But whose truth is it. A few men and women with vision of a world they see that won't allow you to become something personal, unique. 

You are not defined by others.  If you allow that to happen then your life will be one of sadness with no clear reason why you let your intuitive self to be abandoned.

We project our own fears onto nature, the physical reality we share only with ourselves. 

This instillation of fear based education in our children's knowledge seeking makes them slaves to the voices of manipulation dictating their future commonality with the other born individuals.

And because time is elusive always moving ahead, away from our current moment we are always seeing now as passing and in this passing a feeling of hopelessness and discouragement for our inner vision.

Our looking back into moments dissolving keeps us fearful of our on abilities to break free from the moments ill spent in structured repetition. Like cattle we are herded into the deep caverns of domineering personalities that see only through the intellect and not the intuitive vision of self reliance.

This sacredness of looking beyond your present is a manipulation of the wealth to misguide you into thinking your goal outside this era is not yours but in some future you will die and then your dreams will come true and you will be anointed with white clouds evaporating into dark nothings.

The future is yours if you stop and reflect internally on your chosen present and follow that path you were made for and accept nothing less than your visionary attempts to express those interior intuitions with art that are original and taken directly from your very soul.

Human nature's brain is a copy mechanism, if it looks good then it must be good and we end up copying what looks good to others and then we cycle through our image taking and see only the same bored images, examples of minds seeking conformity rather than original thoughts. 

Move beyond the imitation of purpose and allow yourself the freedom to express your nature creatively.

Monday, April 30, 2018

April 30, 2018

When making creative imagery do you use your instinct to find a subject of interest?  Or are you interested in the images you saw at a certain location in a magazine and if you could travel to those sites you wouldn't create images but take the standard replica that you had seen.  

Image creation is more than just blitzing a scene and feeling lucky when one image turns out ok.  

Coming upon a scene with potential promise of creating good images, one begins spreading seeds hoping that one of the seeds spawns an image of enough potential to make the shotgun approach work half heartily.

Spreading seed over a yard creates  a greenness that is uniform and similar to all the other lawns on your block.  Even though if you dig deeper into the lawn you will find that each stem of grass is unique in it's own way.  

The preconceived image is like creating a mirror image of what you are used to seeing in books and on your hand held devices.  In your mind you have seen a subject you want to copy.  With no imagination to change the scene to fit your unique perspective.

In order to create images with purpose come to your subject without preconceptions.  Of course the mind is alert to visual stimulus, the intellect loves to play it safe with routine numbers and motion replicated.  But the mind is alert and present and waiting to be told what to do.  Not by the conservative restraints from your childhood but an openness and a freedom of expression that is your personal internal landscape.  

Your personal accumulation of experience seen through the formula's of space, shapes, motion and duration excite the intuition to pause, to wait for that unique moment that creates an art piece that is truly your vision.

Through the method of using intuition, the focusing of perception not on the daily repetitive routines but your own inner vision, your own alertness to subjects that intrigue you and will challenge you to find in them your own reflections through the creation of photographs.

You will find places that inspire you, that call to you, that demand your attention to create images.  This environment is conducive to your inner being giving you inspiration to seek and look deeper into the place of origin and explore again and again its newness to your refreshing study in intuitive expressions.

Not to weaken and get caught up on the forward pressure of time to let go of your unique opportunity you are exploring.

You must have stamina to fight through the periphery nonsense and get to a point where you can create images without the constant chatter of fashion demanding you to exploit the scene with repetitious copies of a once unique subject that is not yours to begin with. 

The structured path is always moving us away from our intuitive being.  Shunning the unknown with the crippling conservative mentality of demanding conformity.  We retreat in the fear of defeat and we retreat from unique insights replaced by the droll necessity of demanding control of our senses, our perceptions of wonder and our unique place in this super hyper ego representations we are now being exploited by.

Overwhelming projections of thoughts to future events creates a glance at your purpose but limits your ability to focus on your inner core, your inner intuition.  Accepting the visually desensitizing you are experiencing through your influx of surrounding stimulus limits your ability to concentrate and open up your relationships with the world you need to create.

We seem to long for exquisite deceit, the purpose forgotten as one reverts back to their animal instincts.  Life drifting with subtle turns leading us close enough to feel the original perception to a path not chosen, a path that could create an awareness of external deceptions that limit and inhibit your unique personal perspective.

We should be always looking for the impossible subject.  One that is hidden to the casual eye but through intuitive concentration it is revealed to the eyes that are open to new ways of expressing the tired voice played over and over again..

You must be taken away mentally and physically by your chosen subject.  How do you know if this is the one subject your were looking for?  When time dissolves away and hours pass as if they were seconds.  Then you know you were connected, really connected to your inner perceptions.  Only then can you create an image worthy of your efforts.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

April 27, 2018

Image taking now is nothing more than snap shots of memorabilia of life abandoned.  With no direct connection to the feel and touch of nature we have lost our ability to use intuitive force to connect with our external space.

Time's obsessive misrepresentation limits your ability to calm your nervous energy.  To relax and flow on your own current of creative spacial insights. 

Your energy is being wasted by becoming the power generated for someone else's reality that demands your life be lived in a line of traffic going to a place that is not yours, so you focus on escape from your inner creative nature and become exploitable to other's dirty work, forced to  focus with your structured intellect on exterior models of deception rather than rely on your own inner clock to pace yourself as you move toward your artistic goals.

The environment of complacency that you are living in now is because of structured memories planted in your brain for your early survival and are now expanding to encompass your entire life to perform not as an individual but as a complacent member of the herd. You must fight hard to break the bonds of the controlling force that must not stop you from expanding your horizon and your creative talent. 

It could, if you would expand your horizons and search for the creative energy that is waiting to be expressed through your visual sense.  But alas, you don't think you have visual control of your external perceptions and fall back on old standards of memory behaviors that limit your ability to break free from the wasteland of conformity that is growing exponentially as we accept as our future, our material addiction to more. 

What we think is important is not.  Turning your head away from growing awareness to dull repetitions that creates a stability of conformity that you think insulates you from outside threats that could interfere with your structure daily work.

Your intellect, which created and is depended on external structures, without a tethered physical replica to duplicate leaves an uncertainty of his/her creative direction.  We are so used to seeing images and words as truth that we have become complacent in our adventurous mind to break free and create a personal vision of our outer world.  And not a rehash of old tired slogans and images of a unified force of cloned consciousness.  

We must fight the interior struggle to revert back to the taking of meaningless snap shots that will never break the surface of cultural facades.  

We must disciple ourselves to look deeper into our reality, to explore our own individuality to break free from the shackles of repetitive motifs and expand your senses to their full capacity.

This will add to the instinctive direction your future could hold.

Our fears are always about approval.  We cry out in fear for approval. We need superlatives to guide our action toward the bait that is laid on your already determined path toward physical immersion.  This addiction to reality is a force that controls the very essence of your mind.  It lays out your future from your past.  Allowing only a minimal amount of freedom to explore your own relationship with your inner identity which is your creative force.

We externalize our emotions through motifs century old, these impressions become our means of creating art but we ignore the intuitive vision and retreat to the cold repetitions of our structured daily lives. 

The addiction to social media is to be seen and heard. It is only natural that the people would see that as a means to release their surface desires, to be on a small screen, as if they were creating art,  but it is an illusion, a betrayal of natural intimate expressions between family members and close friends but this intimacy has been betrayed by the ad-mans ability to surf your outer facade and steel your surface heart to spend money on something that is meaningless to your growth as an individual human being.  Humanity needs to dig deeper under the glitter of personality and find a means to express their true nature not one created by fashion and smooth talking hypocrites.     

We are seeing more and more our dependence on technology to make it easier to imitate art not as an illusive discovery of searching deep within your intuitive soul but as casual as picking up a cell phone and walla you are now an artist of the populace to follow.  

You are now able to put ads on your site and get freebies of products to wear to exploit the followers you have, that you have no personal contact with because they are only likes to you exploiting the very nature of arts expressive needs. Let the ads flow!

We are basically animals and we have a natural talent to follow the leader, the herd instinct is overwhelming common sense and our ability to understand where we are headed for in this ad based reality.  Whereby everything is sold and resold, everything is demanded by our intelligence trying to fit the growing conformity to the brains over stimulation that will eventually snap our structured intellect apart creating more dysfunctional behavior, unless we begin to delve deeper into our intuitive mind and abandon the growing obsessive desire to exploit the reality with trends of absurdity and only limits our ability to think for ourselves and demand accountability to the growing manipulation of our surface world

The deeper movement of social media is exploitation of the masses for profit. As human beings we evolved from the violent nature of being high on the eaten alive scale by developing a structured intellect that is visually active.  This ability to visualize advancing threats allowed us to become the dominant animal on the planet for the time being.  

Lets hope this ability can be retrained, used to avert the catastrophic road we are heading down as we are forcefully distracted from the end game which is domination of the corralled sheep by a few lords of stolen wealth.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

April 19, 2018

Henry Bergson, "Our nervous, shifting vision tends to be highly selective, related more to identification and information than to aesthetic contemplation, study of mind, emotions in relation to the sense of beauty pertaining to involving or concerned with pure emotion and sensation as opposed to pure intellectuality."

Does it help to go into a scene uptight and nervous.  Or is it better to be relaxed and connected with your chosen subject.

Perceive the unusual as an outlet to become more intuitive which will enhance your visual landscape.

Image alterations by special software to enhance the facial characteristics is a natural progression of escapism in this new era of technological mastering of the human heart and soul.  As we move away from personal identity toward an exposure of self for the masses to be seen accomplishes our needs for ego gratification.  We are never satisfied, we never allow ourselves to just be without entertaining the facade of externality as a mask of not who we are but what we desire to escape from.

A broader illusion of self can be created through social media.  But these new expressions of self are not the truth but a posing of self, to tickle the fancy of viewers to like.  This ability to be seen now is an addiction beyond any cohesive society can bare. 

As we learn to project illusions of self outward we break the consistency of personality and become the many faces of Eve.  A wonderful biblical novel of split personalities.  

We are never satisfied with our daily lives and our own self- hood.  We must free ourselves from the shackles of our parents influence but not at the expense of losing your real personality, to become a natural wonder to be praised for your impressions and not scolded for your moral deceptions. 

Technology will use this copycat human trait to put out scraps of bait for billions of people seeking escape from their daily routines. Not only will you become further alienated from yourself but also as a species you will fail to have empathy for your brothers and sisters.  Why would you? There all clowns trying to get their 15 seconds of fame and fortune.

The real escape from daily routines is your inner will to listen to your intuitive self and focus your attention on execrating yourself from the tangled web of our demanding existence from exterior forces.

This steel grip of ego is becoming permanent in our lives.  Created facades of selfish manipulation by the haves to the have nots.  Diversion from the reality of intuitive thought has been created to keep the lowering of standards of the herded class from rebelling against the puppet masters.  This built in need for a physical presence of power is the god complex.  But now technology is our new god and our inner demons are coming forth.

We don't see the faces behind the screen but accept and assume that what we see is truth and what we hear is false. I have news for you that both are false witness to the structured existence we live in today.  In order to become an individual we must acknowledge the chains imposed on us by the intellect. Our thought process has been determined through out our lives and to break free we have to assume that external reality is deadness to insightful revelations of your individuality.

It is a false hope now to say a real self.  For we are being stripped of our inner being and turned inside out to perform for the enjoyment of greedy eyes by a technological prison of a mock reality.  This is seen on a daily basis as people ignore their surroundings and focus their addiction on a small screen bringing you a manipulated external reality of fake selves.

Anyone not in tune to the driving force of man's need to be seen in today's kaleidoscope of personality manipulation has been living in a mole tunnel.  We have always been intrigued and jealous of the movie stars, of the rich, now we can emulate them by creating a false mask, a new face to present to our so called hits of likes on our social status site.  This is not about truth but of counting the eyes posited in front of the screen for ad revenue.  

Beauty standards are nothing more than the obsessive addiction to integrate ads on social media and corporate sites into you're living thoughts as if those ads will accomplish for you what you couldn't do for yourself.

We are bombarded without mercy with a new vision of how we should be living our lives.  Forget your own personal voyage.  Your inner purpose is forgotten and now that purpose is greed and exterior praise for your sweet masked suited face.

After all our god sits above us judging us as inferior to his exclaimed truth but now our truth has been substituted with entertainment as the main journey one must take to get into the paradise of a gated community.

The big question for our future is this, "Do real people need to exist?"

Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 8, 2018

Henri Bergson, "Our intelligence, finding only the old in the new, feels itself on familiar ground: it is at ease: it "understand." Such is the clarity we desire, are looking for, and for which we are always most grateful to whoever presents it to us." 

We must focus intuitively on our perceptions and not allow us to find the old subject in the new.  An old way of perception that is redundant yet soothing to the fearful mind. Let us push beyond the old stimulus, the old repetitious images copied extensively through a mind looking for quick answers to the big questions of why did I come here in the first place, what attracted me to this moment, this perception.

Bergson, " There is another kind that we submit to, and which, moreover, imposes itself only with time. It is the clarity of the radically new and absolutely simple idea, which catches as it were an intuition."

Our image making is now image taking.  Our greedy sight takes everything in a split second as the shutter is released and the ego is fed once again on trivia and embarrassing moments of his or someone else's life.  

In order to find the subject amongst the trillion of impressions vying for your senses to acknowledge, you must focus and concentrate through reflection on the intuition, that was the cause of your visual stimulus. 

Your true insights will slow the aggravation of times movement and allow you the breathing room to settle in on a relationship with the external perceptions that are being organized by an intuitive realization that is not afraid to pierce the distractions and wait for the revealing blossoming of your hidden subject.

You must create art without fear of mistakes.  Mistakes build a repertoire of subjects to be looked at as a trail that leads you away from being negative about perceived miscues and allows you to see them as useful insights to explore more fully. 

You might be surprised how those mistaken insights are representative of your inner perceptions.

Why speed time up? 

Allow time to purposefully move at the speed of your inner beings wiliness to explore the world, not with anxiety but with excitement at the still waters of focused concentration.

When we look out at the world without focus we see the obvious structures we think were made by the infallible god like men of greed.

We can get lost in permanent anger at the loss of our own stifled revelations of a deeper truth that can create an image through your own freedom of choice, a vision of your pure self externalized. 

We create patterns, repetitious actions that define us.  It is a way we use our consciousness to order the hectic pace of life and visual stimulation. These repeating patterns give meaning to worker ants trained in slavishly adhering to the needs of the rich.

Anger builds when we can't connect to our inner purpose our true self.  

It is time to stand on your own two feet and begin your own journey that leads you to your true vision of interest by choosing subjects that you intuitively feel represent a solid part of your inner being.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018

The visual nightmare of excessive exposure, details overwhelm our visual sense, creating nervous energy and doubt and creating in us the obsession to compete with the trillions of pictures circulating through our visual consciousness that will eventually exhaust our visual integrity and hinder our own personal journey in finding our own unique image expression.

Intuitive thoughts are ones own intense effort to understand.  We will exceed our limited training in school by reaching for a visual interior representation that releases us from the bond of details that inhibit powerful feelings being demeaned by surface behavior of foolish faddish hedonism.

If we except the limiting instruction of words then we will miss perceived moments of revelation as non existent.  Words always fill gaps of intuitive perception, words destroy the natural impressions, their force of visual stimulus that in order to create works of art we must perceive in connecting our visual sense with the subject we are visualizing.

To focus our intuition on the external world will create for us a new way of seeing this external fraud and we will be able to create from our own inner revelation images that explain our inner desires our perception of a world ignored by limiting, controlling ideologies.  

Was it not my personal inner intuition allowing me space to write in, a flow that encompasses my intuitive beliefs.  

Now can I transmit this, these same words into images.  Can I express through imagery what I have just written?  Are the words and images so far apart that I can't even begin to express these words in image form.  

Does that mean I need to forget the dictatorship of words and rely instead on my internal visual intuition to create images that remove words entirely from the equation of knowing my visual purpose?

Our intelligence has not evolved to allow us to visually see the personal intent of the reality we create.  We must rely on words to demean the visual stimulus and we must denounce the limiting barrier words create when perceiving external subjects.  

This is the beastly art of persuasion.  Words hollow excess, controlling thoughts to sway one perception away from another.

Are your image creations desperate for approval?  Are we being opened up by corporate media to understand life only as a means of competition, exposing our internal nature for greedy eyes to exploit  and compete with for billions of dollars.  

We have entered the apocalyptic "Thunder Dome". Two enter the dome and only one leaves alive.  I believe we are in that dome and we are fighting for our inner inspirational lives.  

Nature needs to be seen, that is the reality of human nature. The human body is a visual necessity. Eyesight allowed mankind to compete with the other treacherous animals and react in ways that allowed it to eventually master the killing beasts.  But in these actions it changed from an instinct of survival to a controlling force of power over nature and mankind. 

Being seen objectifies our bodies to others and allows others to develop means of identifying the outside world of human contact.  

We can retreat into our caves and for a moment relax and bring in the minds reflective necessity to expose blunders made during social contact.

But now those privacy moments have burst forth as a means to be seen not by a family or a few friends but by thousands of people in a split second, reducing your life character to a minute video.  

This ability to be seen by many is the carrot media puts in front of those that demand physical attention.  

What is lost on the viewer is his wasting of time and his internal world stereotyped by a visual addiction to show physical activities repeated on a small screen.

All animals mimic each other and we as human animals do the same but on a scale beyond earthly comprehension.

The need to be seen is a result of humans isolated on this infinitely small speck of dust in a vast darkness that inhibits the beliefs of past cultures. We are becoming hedonistic land grabbers to fill the
coming existential void of self loathing by exposing our internal trust of our inner being just for likes on a meaningless screen oblivious to our actual inner talents.

We are becoming tools of words that limit our inspiration and limit our understanding of the need for privacy.

Until we have an inner intuition that chips away at the massive tower of babel we experience every millisecond now in our dumming down lives we will never experience our true identities and become the vision that is now suppressed in infinite doubt.

Bergson suggested, " time is what hinders everything from being given at once. "It must therefore, be elaboration. Would it not then be a vehicle of creation and of choice? Would not the existence of time prove that there is indetermination in things? Would not time be that indetermination itself?"

We use time to hurry past our lives.  We see the structure of our lives as worker ants to be fed sensory impulses that dictate our days of manual stimulation.  We pass each day not in our personal intuitive revelations but as a drone of someone else's will. 

Live, human beings do not shut out the wonder of personal expression. But don't be fooled by the corporate media's intent.  They have dollar signs written all over their greedy faces and love turning the intuitive innocence into a public spectacle.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March 27, 2018

"If you want to see it direct, do not think about it, you will miss it, it is all together missed, " Tao-Wu

To really see one must let go of preconceptions.  We can't afford words creating barriers to our seeing.  We must move beyond the created vocabulary of structured existence.

An existence that levels the majority to think right by words as symbols of control. That define for us our likes and dislikes.  We have to open ourselves, our minds to the external world not as it is but as we perceive it in our own inner, special way.

Conformity is relying on other thoughts to dictate to you what is good and what is bad.  We must take the controlling words of tyrants and deliver them on to the dump heap of structured greed.  What we visualize as a subject will become our subject.  We just have to be aware of its presence by opening our minds to the fluidity of perceptions.  Don't get lost in the main stream of careless motion but relax take your intuitive sight to calm the restless wandering eye and focus on an idea or composition that is unique to you and you alone.

How many times have you been out taking snap shots of anything and everything and then suddenly your focus becomes direct and your inner perspective alerts you that if you wait in the present moment something will come to you that makes the scene you were passing worth your wait.

We  must never outgrow our childhood perceptions. But we must outgrow are conditioned mind.  A mind that insists on instinctive  surface reactions and the mechanical need to perform in like manner with everybody else.  We have our conditioned manners, our perceptions are for ease of motion in a habitat we all share.  If we were not so trained then mayhem would ensue and the community we live in would be destroyed.

There is at the core intelligence the history of mind growth that relied for it's survival on repetitive acts that created protection from the elements.

It is a struggle to see the importance of reversing some of the conditioning in order to fulfill your own unique vision.

When I was a young boy and we would travel, I would stare out the window at the scenery and also study the motion of the roadside.  I was fascinated by the blur of colors close to the car and how the landscape stabilized when I looked further outward.  I was willing to accept the speed and blur and create in my mind images of the flowing perceptions.

In the moving tide of foreground and background I would see a rush of green and then a gap of brown and then green again.  These colors were an abstract tapestry of nature.  I would play with the motion of the car by looking ahead and seeing an interesting subject coming at us fast and I would isolate that image from the background and focus just on its characteristics. I would be unknowingly creating mind pictures of placement and composition by putting the subject in a new landscape a new surrounding.

In order to perceive your own reality, creating subjects that connect with your developing vision it is important to perceive your subject in time but not with your intelligence but rather with your intuition.  Strengthening your intuition will improve your childhood perspective and allow you to enhance your ability to focus without interruptions of the intelligence demanding you move on to something new. By connecting deeply with your subject you don't need to be tricked to find something else, this is the reason why you stopped and interacted with your subject and are  now digging deeper in to the connection.

After all wasn't it the burgeoning intelligence that allowed us to survive the early years of human development by not spending  to much time in one place or be eaten by predators that were armed with instinctual hunting techniques.

Think of the musical note and hold that note through your entire performance, your creating of an image, a note that focuses your attention your intuition to look and not roam around the subject but to be present with the subject.  Narrowing your energy of creation into a fluid perspective of a musical note. I am not saying you won't exhaust your connection and have a need to readjust your perspective as you study and connect with the subject on a more personal level and approach the subject from many viewing choices but all these  choices will narrow to an image that takes all the different perspectives into consideration and creates an inner landscape you envisioned was present.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 17, 2018

Reality is constantly distracting our mental focus necessary for our artistic purpose, without mental focus we become pawns in an external facade of someone else’s freedoms.

Our connection to our inner consciousness is the only means to repel the media's need to manipulate the outer illusions with power and control, an intimidation of intelligence trapped in an ego of external knowledge created by human beings need to understand the world as we perceive it, allowing mathematical formula's to divert our perceptions away from intuitive knowledge and remain in the closed structure of material domination. 

All is well is a dead to rights sign, that nothing is right and we are in trouble of losing our freedoms. The stronger your mental strength the more you will be able to reflect on the situation at hand and begin to move in a sure pace toward the goal of mental liberation from the old stasis of confusing hypocrisy.  

Which is exactly the plan of the material giants that dictate to us the newest fads to distract us from our true insightful perceptions and artistic talents.

To be aware of nature not as object but as an opening to your deeper consciousness, revealing your unique perspective through a camera lens begins the bridging of separateness toward a unification of exterior/interior intuitions revealing your true creativity.

The uniqueness of our insights is only the beginning understanding of our presence in an unique environment of spacial time.  We insist on the non-movement of objects in relation to the perceived movement of objects and then we count the stationary forms with our formula's of illusions. These are necessary functions we must do in order to maintain a functioning appearance of an external reality, including eating sleeping and bodily functions. The results of this ancient necessity controls the minds functions. This hinders the inner reality's purpose of expression. The need for order affects us with these necessities we must perform to survive, controlling our thinking process and dulls our minds deeper purpose.  

The acceptance of an inner consciousness beyond the surface ego attached to the physical nature of external reality will illuminate the changes that must take place before we are free from the fear of the abyss, the nothingness supposedly beyond our vision.  This fear of nothingness is exactly what keeps us meek and docile.  

The intelligence wanting understanding, demanding an interior focus of it's needs first seeks mathematical formula's that explain in simple equations the working of the external reality.  This assures us that what is real is not the subterranean thoughts and intuitions we ignore but the cold facts of one plus one equals two. This obsession with equative knowledge limits our ability to move beyond an illusion of the structures of normality into a new vision of your own making. We limit our internal vision to be created when we retreat from the loneliness of self and our growing awareness through created visions of your internal depth being released. 

Photography is really about creating something more important than your inner revelations. It is to externalize those revelations by having the knowledge of self that demands your attention.

Could it be that through the creation of insightful imagery we finally can express our true identities? 
The exploration of an internal world through compositional insights that reflects your true inner expressions of intuition. 

All this is played out in an external world willing to bend to your visions of selfhood but not allowed because of the heavy handed grip of rational structures of material gain.

Abandon the frivolous material that demands you be someone else not your true individuality.  Why do you think you are being driven into a corral of non thinking, just do what the words dictate you to do.  

Work hard and die without the realization that the breaths you will take to become old could have been used to create through your internal landscape a physical impression of your beautiful individual insight.

Don't let your life be blinded to the dramas that distract you from your willful purpose. Don't abandoned those insightful perceptions, your unique perspective and be taken in by the limiting confusion of jealous greed. 

We fear the constant change of life’s infinite progress.  Some might disagree with the word progress and substitute the term devolution,

our loss of freedom of thought and action.  We have lost our ability to define our outer self from our inner core, our individual self and define our purpose through creative actions, a creative reflection of our inner universe.

We are moving quickly back to our animalistic nature and our behavior is getting more aggressive and less open as we are herded into different corrals depending on how insightful we are in analyzing the true nature of this constant made up reality of thievery. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16, 2018

The camera is a tool and once an image is taken it sticks to your outer senses as truth. Seeing your self objectified alleviates your inner struggles and you instill in future snap shots your external facade and your true self is now hidden under stacks of memory cards and a once upon a time is now forever lost in egos insatiable hunger.  Ego instills in the doubtful mind a need for distractions and insists that you continually follow the fads of surface reflections as truth, a facade where by you can hide under the cloth of glamour.

Glamour versus meaningful creative imagery.  When you create an image it has an internal power of forceful purpose. You went inside your self to undercover your vision. 

When you create purposeful imagery you use your inner intuition that releases you from your  external constraints, connecting your vision outward with the subject that is becoming a real physical presence.

When we live on the surface of our sight, we lose touch with our inner core, we are weakened aesthetically. We must dig deeper into the black void of self and coax up from the eternal depths your new voice of strength.  

Your inner self has been hidden from you through the indoctrination into societies demands, the need to control the vision of our futures.  We need a discipline of inner strength to coax out our unique voice and not allow a world controlled by the few to harness our gifts of intense new visions.

Herd instincts drive us to react hostile toward new possibilities of expressing our own inner truths, society forces us to accept the created stereotypical doctrines of organized institutions that define our existence in burdensome holes of deceit which will slowly seal up our inner truth from expressing itself in an art form that is yours and yours only. 

Your inner perspective is the ticket to opening the formal palace of constricting past formula's of visual art. Your new insightful awareness will create new visions that can break through the structured memories of the corralled populace.

Nurture your creative truth. Don't hide in a complacent mind accepting someone else's strength of will that dictates to you what is good art and what is bad art. 

The golden rule today is to pursue your own deadly sins, why wait and become an object of derision, get what you want now in material value at someones else’s expense.  Hi-five your friends with your criminality. 

Social Media twists your intuitive thoughts and turns them into fluff and gibberish.  We seem to be in a century of angry selfishness, underlined with hyper sensitivity toward anyone with a possible answer to the mayhem of selfish private gains.  The self righteous will stand tall in the public eye to mouth their concerns about the on going incidents of useless violence, but the only action taken is to pass the hat around selling hair oils for the insecure.

This feeling of aloneness begins to permeate the entire psyche of the human race. This leads us to stand by dumbfounded and watch the suffering of the innocence for profit.

Images will have no purpose, no voice without a deep connection to the subject present.  An intuitive expression that forces our intelligence to see beyond this clutter of meaningless distractions into the true reality of your own existence which intern exposes us to a new formulation of our possibilities unencumbered by deliberate attacks on our individuality.

Where did our common sense go? It went in the direction of being seen as more important than being aware and focused in our life, not for the masses of common sheep, but for our own perceptive universe we share with our individuality.

When did egotistical behavior become the only expression of self?  When did the appalling lack of control of our external world give us a thrill of acceptance?  These violent acts are only the human animal finally showing its greedy eyes.

If we seek to hinder our ability to see with our own eyes the unfolding of our beautiful reality hidden behind the facade of sales reports then we have posited ourselves in the controlling illusion of life that only seeks material gain with thoughts of dullish aggression.

We become overwhelmed by the infinity of visual stimulus.  We barely have time to reflect before we experience another image that affects us in our emotional surface.  We never dig deeper into the viewing session but only react instantaneously to the picture and then move onto another passing moment.  These are not our moments. They are simulations of a distracted life but only that. They are not real life and certainly not your own.
It seems our new god is formatted from the constant bombardment of ads which instill in us an addictive want that disrupts our surface life, that keeps us from going beyond our simplified intelligence of order at all costs into a larger understanding of our place in the multiplicity of voices dying to be heard.  But we don't listen because our daily life is one of focused despair.  Our mantra is just make it through one more day that is it ,just one more and one more....
The corporate news treats us like kids ready for a tantrum. They don't give solutions but only repeat the script they have used for centuries.

The viewer listens to these hollow words with their twisted logic and incomprehensible analysis of the repetitive acts of violence. And we sit numb to the flow of time, wasting our deeper consciousness that could if focused upon bring forth our connective souls vision of inner truth and releasing upon the world a missed character we ran from when we were young and mindful of time/space illusions.

However, right now we are trapped in a causality loop and in order to break free from the circular logic of corporate media we have to begin to seek answers for ourselves.  Listen to your own internal barometer and dig deep in yourself for the lies of banal words repetitive vice. Social Media doesn't want the violence to stop for fear that their pay checks will be diminished

To see is to become.  Trends are created not by individuality but by constant shallow visual stimulation.  Our sight is the temptress undermining our ability to seek our truth and not some ad of created desires never wanted or needed.

In order to create a visible  connection between you and your subject you must spend the time not in a helter skelter blitz of snap shots but a deeper connection of trust that allows the subject to open up its true character. Giving you a new harmony of connection that frees you from the burden of copycat snap shots of a life less lived.