Monday, December 7, 2009

Digital Age of Photography

I have been shooting digital for awhile and like the ability to see my images instantaneously and the ability to take these images and upload and get the images to my Agencies and to my website quickly. I won't harp on this all the time but since I am new to digital I don't like all the workflow that gets between you and shooting. What I find is that you shoot pretty much the same as you did with your film base camera but the workflow after shooting is so time consuming and daunting sometimes that it drains your motivation to keep shooting. As I get my workflow down in Lightroom I will be able to process my images faster and upload them quicker and then have the ability to shoot more.

I also don't like the digital images when I am shooting sunsets. The detail and color in the highlights seem to blow out and the color shifts in these digital files as opposed to shooting film. I have to spend alot of time adjusting the image in Lightroom to get it right.