Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20, 2014

Good images are created by knowing your insecurities and yet over coming them by communicating your empathy and understanding toward your subject.  Establishing a link between yourself and the subject allows you to let go of the tension bottled up in your mind and by releasing these barriers to true vision you will have a better chance to create something of value.

Images are recordings of the past.  We are attracted to the past because it shows us where we have been and gives us clues to where we might be going.  If all we see are generic images of our lives exposed and reinforced by others on social media, does it make our lives better or does it reveal the mind rut were in.  Imitation is not flattery.  Imitation is an easy expression of banality.  To break free of the repetitive image creating ditch we must think for ourselves and not feel overwhelmed by the herd mentality.

By being passionate about our subjects we will create successful images.  We all have daily routines that limit our ability to break free from our work a day sight and explore our image creating vision from a deeper part of our consciousness.

We must revive our inner childlike vision and discover new avenues of image expression in ourselves that don't rely on the old boring impulses that inhibit our creativity.

I think people still want images with substance.  An image that connects with them on a more personal level and not a shallow drive by image taken on a speeding highway.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014

When you take pictures, do you only look at the surface details of your subject?  The easy composition that doesn't demand patience?  In order to create a good image, you must take your time.  I should say that you must take your time when the subject demands it.   When things are happening at a break neck pace you just react and go with it.  But when you have time on your side to explore your subject on a more personal level, then you will see an improvement in your image creating and a better return on your image selects for the web.

I believe photographers are being distracted by shallow imagery and are missing out on natures mysteries and patterns. The undercurrents of this reality we share is where we will find the true subject we should all aspire to create images of.  We should tap into this magical depth we experience together and journey beyond the mundane and create personal images that express deep emotions and vision.

One way to do this is by getting physically closer to your subject. By moving closer you begin to see recurring patterns that manifest the infinite structure of natures inspirations.

We have become numb to the boundless beauty of nature.  Our early schooling has limited our ability to interact with natures virtue.  It has become a play thing only and not a spiritual journey into ourselves.