Monday, February 4, 2013

February 2, 2013

I was mentioning, awhile ago, photographers that shoot random images without purpose and then use special effects filters/photoshop to change the look of the photograph to give it a new quality without depth of meaning.  I think this was a little too harsh because when you are young in the photo making business you have to experiment and try new things to find that style that fits your inner personality.  Not the social you which is full of itself but the reflective you that wants something more powerful and meaningful from your imagery. We need to grow and make changes in what and how we shoot.  What I was referring to is the shooter that allows special effects to add an an unnecessary layer to an already forgettable subject.  If you are open to your environment and not locked into a shallow repetition of the ordinary, if you look deeper and react quickly to the changing light and make an effort to see your subject with new eyes then your images won't need and extra layer of ego.