Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 11, 2016

Brassai, "Every creative person has a second date of birth, and one which is more important than the first: that on which he /she discovers what his true vocation is."

When making photos you must immerse yourself with your subjects in moments that last.  These durations build a relationship of trust.  If you allow ego to become the dominant force in this relationship then you will only express the commercial side of your mental makeup.

I am exhausted at the tidal wave of corporate and social media's daily assault on our senses.
Giving our minds a constant bombardment of extraneous banalities of our existence without any purpose or contextual story line, only fragments, purposes driven by shallow puppets, talking heads with shallow eyes reading the monitor without expressions, this is our new age of Reason.

We are on the verge of losing our will to become ourselves. To express genuine felt experiences not though social media but on a one on one dialogue between people. We see image creation as a billboard, a tool not to express a deep understanding of the nature of the human condition but as an ad for publicizing our pop up ads on our website.

We don't look for images we can connect with but the novelty image that will be posted on a social media site not to communicate  a new vision of a subject but to exploit the shallow existence of the unimportant event for a few more likes. People have lost respect for themselves and see only glitter instead of truth.

Frivolous excerpts from individual lives is not communication.  Those are mundane occurrences we all share but shouldn't be the bread and butter of the corporate media sites.  Why would we degrade the masses with shallow reflection of our stupidity.  Wouldn't it be much better to create images that show the strength and courage of people to overcome the obstacles of lies and expose the hidden truths necessary for our survival.  Your private photo albums that gives us only a surface reflection of your visual existence without depth of purpose should stay private.

Think of your social media site and the overwhelming amount of information and minutia of details you can find that really have no purpose for you or how you want to live your life.

Social media can paralyze you into non-action. Controlling how you perceive the world and how we change our interaction because of it to a quick surface labeling without thoughts of depth and contextual connections and then we glide on to the next post without feeling the under toe of rich information never reaching the surface because of media's control. 

Just as we are missing the contextual relationships of events that ad up to a willful truth we are imitating what we see on social media in our own lives and missing out on real conversations with little phrases that don't add up to anything but lessening the character of our lives.

There is a growing herd instinct, a need to be seen without continuity or a real voice but as always a quick post and retreat in the shells of compartmentalized existence.

Social media manipulates our future individuality, our very core identities, demanding we follow the pied piper, making us conform to the collectives predetermine script.

Facades made to look rich with purpose, busy bees moving in excessive traffic to get their stipend for a lessening of humanities disappearing self hood.

But any deeper look under the hood we see a herding of our individuality into a uniform we wear as we grow in acceptance of homogenized celebrity illusions and starry eyed hopes for stardom.

So we lose our desire to create a life worth living on our own but search in endless need to be accepted by strangers that we will never know or meet.

Media propaganda disorganizes the minds natural fluidity keeps us away from a stream of consciousness to a parts shop with no natural flow and understanding or workmanship but stops and starts of violent fears raining down without the ability to focus with purpose.

Social media fragments information, disrupts the natural thought process and interrupts a persons reasoning by using catch words that act like a narcotic to inject in them an auto response of shallow depth and structure so the person assumes even before the last words spoken, this must be the truth.

It is a bait and switch con game with the only purpose is confusion, fear and profit.

In today's greed fest we look to nullify our fears with side games that mean to distract us with repetitious movements of eye hand coordination where you don't think but just react.  This instills in you a necessity of quick reactions without understanding.  And because of this we separate our lives off to like minded people who react without thinking just like us.

This in turn diverts us from living a connected life to our now hidden talents, our truth lay abandoned because of our constant battle of survival as we work multiple jobs for less and less benefits.

The minds memory accepts repetitious patterns which inhibit the minds expansion to understand new perceptions by discarding old tired cliches. We need to think anew.  Work harder to understand the under currents of life's manipulations through words that seem to dig deep into our consciousness and obstructs us with triggers that block our will to overcome these structured views with our own intuition and break through ideas.

This limits ones ability to see the whole picture only a small tid bit of info that blurs the overall truth of our existence.

Bright lights, games of chance, mesmerize the inner eyes outward reach.  We find that the shallow truths become solid pillars that hold up our lives so we don't have to think much but stick to the script of others and keep our heads low to the ground working as a means of forgetting your inner truths.

Excited brains leave their will behind to follow the lit street of escapism in fast glimpses of someone else world not yours.

The need to copy an action is the cattle call of structured restraint and inner confusion and lack of confidence in your own views.

Living your own life with unique ideas and image creations is a necessary prerequisite to becoming a human being with individuality and purpose.

This constant looking outward not inward, taking your imagination and locating it on external facades of eye candy, fixing your perceptions on objects, not on your inspiring thoughts that uncover the real importance of life, is social media's addiction. It is better to be seen than to create a meaningful awareness of your surroundings.