Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2017

When we are complacent in our attitude toward our subjects, when our excitement in discovering a new image goes stale, take a break and relax and just let your mind immerse itself in the environment you are in. Is the image amount taken the only measure of success.  No!

It is hard to find a meaningful subject in today's hectic pace of life's rushing currents.  We are losing an ability to reflect on our existence because our time is focused on making a living, by having to work long hours just to survive.  This translates into exhaustion and an excuse not to find your balance and begin creating images from your inner landscape.  It doesn't have to be image creation, it could drawing, writing, sports etc.. anything that propels you back into your own skin and gives your mind an excuse to function from your inner purpose.

We are all becoming "avant-garde" artists.  To create art one must be alienated from society.  Then one sees the barriers present and through will of intuition one expresses the insights to stir the minds of others.  All artists push us to think beyond our growing shallow existence.

But with social media the new art is easily assimilated into the mainstream, nullifying its opposition to the structured conformity. We are becoming through the influence of social media's perverse leveling of anything that expands our individual perceptions.  How do they do this? By copying the original and making it redundant and boring.  Social media's power lies in its ability to absorb unique visions and dumb them down to the herd.  Nothing can veer the stringent path of behavior imposed by social media and corporate media's pervasive interference with our lives.  We give freely to the almighty snap shot of our limited existence. The only thing these mechanical devices demand is information so the ads can be targeted at you for consumerism.

The individual observations given through social media and corporate media is heresy and will be damned immediately.  The role of media today is to maintain the status quo and not allow new insights to erode the dumbing down of our cultural facade.

We are devolving into silly eyes with no depth, just eye candy snapshots without moral intuitions, taking what we see in a split second of greedy eyes.

If you are only focused on internal conflict, pressures of your existence, then your image creation will suffer. It seems now all we want to be is distracted from living for own unique life.

Stress, doubt, fear, anxiety are all intermingled in the purposeful distraction of the middle class.  If we live in fear then we will miss our true appointments with ourselves.

Not seeing what is their because the media is filtering your direct contact, putting up blockades to contest your striving for manifesting your image relationship with your subject.  This conditioning is social and corporate media way of shaming us to think we are better than the rest.  Keep us all in the corral of disillusionment and to foster hatred toward any one or thing that interferes with the goal of advertising, to keep us all in debtors prison, living in constant stress.  This kind of life does not lead to creative images.  It leads to what we all see on social media, the tower of redundant useless information and pictures that only seek the status quo.

This age of relativism, this ability to loose your footing, focus and turn on a dime to something new is a direct result of a social media driven economy.  Never able to focus but jump from one thing to the next without getting a deeper understanding of why we have these homogenized answers that seem to sooth the loss of mental clarity in our lives.

Simply, this is the manipulation of the media corporations to keep us complacent and distracted while the true purpose of the bombardment of entertainment is to make us think we are getting information but really all we are getting is fluff to placate our growing disconnect from others and ourselves.

We are losing our will to mentally be alive with questions we now can never ask,
instead we enter into a relationship with a screen, the size of a note pad, that controls the senses for its own gains, consumption of propaganda and material things.

Their ability to confine our vision with a never ending display of violence to others and ourselves shakes the very foundation of human character.  Are we just animals to be let lose on each other or are we civilized human beings with a voice and an objection to the growing disconnect between people, countries and ourselves.

The tease of celebrity, the use of the commons, our air waves by social media to entice one to participate in a facade of purpose.  It appears you are making a concerted effort to reach out to another but in reality you are reaching out to your own reflection, your own inner fears and acceptance of your dilemma is the big lie of a post democratic society.

Walk out your front door to explore, lose yourself by attentive immersion into your conscious duration which will enhance your life as you go deeper into your perspective and time stops for those precious moments of complete awareness and insights into your very being with your subject. This will lead to your ability to manifest your individual image creation without interference of the constant chatter to be like others.