Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 27, 2017

Kierkegaard (1854), "With the daguerreotype everyone will be able to have their portrait taken- formerly it was only the prominent; and at the same time everything is being done to make us all look exactly the same-so that we shall only need one portrait."

The name of the game is deflect don't reflect.

There is a subconscious awareness of our shallow lives, our obsessions to be distracted from the daily grind we all share in.

If we were to actually look objectively at ourselves we would be appalled at how we have managed to give away our rights to a few as the many suffer under an allegiance to corporate greed that is infinite.

Images firmly plant in us past moments that have led to this moment of truth.  Images fragment our ability to reason through our desires and wants.  They summarize a whole when we are actually many voices and thoughts.  Images condition us to accept rather than change.

States that control use images to support their function. What is there function in a democracy? To use symbols of the good life, this good flag as a means of exploiting ones recognition of past moments of truth.  But these truths have been altered into controlling thoughts which demand us to accept these wonderful images of past moments as the real truth of future moments.  The difference being the past is our albatross and the future is our prison if we don't break free from the planned stereotypes of nationalism now pervasive in our eroding freedoms on conscious individuality.

Concrete awareness of where we have been is an internal dialogue that you have with yourself not an image post on social media showing only a facade of character not your truth.

Images remembered are recurrent patterns of behavior that we become.  A motor skill learnd for your survival.  Images create memories that don't belong to you once you have opened yourself to the wide world of your future path.  These images are surface reflections of your needy ego wanting to be accepted.

We structure our memories from images of daily necessity.  These images surround us and we react accordingly.  We can easily hide behind these image facades of shallow unfocused rightfulness.

We hope we are seen as a picture with instantaneous appeal, with many likes.  Not ourselves in relationships to another human being but on a screen that doesn't connect you with a face to face interaction but with an anonymous personality and it creates a distance between people unaware of the limits we now place on ourselves in interaction with other human beings.

Fearfully we wait for moments to express ourselves in meek ways behind letters strung together to impose on a cyber creation your hope of being noticed and accepted.

We seem to see our lives as unnecessary when it comes to immersing ourselves in the values of nature, the immediacy of physical sensations while interacting with a live person.

We are cementing ourselves in lives of unnecessary delusions that distract us with unnecessary technology that has the illusion of experience but it is ethereal motions of past replication of experience set up to stroke egos and entertain the shallow needs and postpone what needs to be acted on right in front of you.

Corporate media makes it sound like you have the freedom of choice.  It is only the choices they give you.

The independent voice is an old myth, your freedom comes by being limited in what you believe and what you trust and what you eventually post.

An independent voice is not one constrained by habit and narrowing cliches that are reflected back to us from social media's purpose of overwhelming the senses where by most of the information you receive is useless in living a productive life.

Social media is redundancy.  It sets up the conditions for your ability to perform.  It sets up intent through word structures.

You are given access by the powers that be, allowed to enter their world and in this wanting we are forced to play by someone elses rules and our life behavior is controlled by the need to be seen.

We are becoming self advertisements for the social corporate media, giving our inner thoughts a blessing from on high that leads to more exposures of your inner being.  A taking away not an adding to.

We must escape the abundance of physical pressure to move beyond our bodies limits. A new religion is being born, the religion of me, myself and I. The new trinity of greed.

We now advertise god as a product to be sold and used as an income source from people that want desperately to believe in something outside our limited universe.

Social media refines the authority of the masses into segments, fragments of ideas that don't give an explanation as to why we should be here on this planet but an excuse for billions of ideas to surface on a social media site with no relevance to our existing natures only a post to get collateral ads to sell products for the minds want of acceptance.

We put our heart out there to be exposed for someone else's gratification. Our acceptance begins to snow ball as we become more excessive in posting our thoughts or someone else's thoughts and we know our limited influence is nothing but a con game to get likes.

When it is our home life that is really everything. We are caught up in the exposing of our inner world to greedy ad men that can direct selective ads for our healing even if we are unaware of those created demands and don't need them. We are losing the cohesion of family life.  The need for privacy and contemplation rather than the exploding minutiae of useless details being regurgitated billions of time each day.

Our personal lives are being destroyed and replaced by a collective mind that hides under infinite details of distractions and imposes its will slowly and surely through the generations until the final homogenized populace is here to stay.

This acceptance of miner words to express your inner moments is unacceptable if you want to live your life as you perceive it.  Don't doubt yourself but become your inner vision or your uniqueness will be lost forever never to be repeated.

Your inner landscape is the most important projection you will ever accomplish in your limited time on earth.  Your manifestation of your inner purpose is the rooted self willing to express himself in words and images that have nothing to do with imitation and reposting but unique perspectives on a terrain of landscapes only you will see.

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

Henri Bergson from his book: Matter and Memory, "But every perception is prolonged into a nascent action; and while the images are taking place and order in this memory, the movements which continue them modify the organism, and create in the body new dispositions towards action.  Thus is gradually formed an experience of an entirely different order, which accumulates within the body, a series of mechanisms would up and ready, with reactions to external stimuli ever more numerous and more varied, and answers ready prepared to an ever growing number of possible solicitations.  We become conscious of these mechanisms as they come into play; and this consciousness of a whole past of efforts stored up in the present is indeed also a memory, but a memory profoundly different from the first, always bent upon action, seated in the present and looking to the future."

When we get in a rut of accumulated efforts toward our subject we will be in a quandary of repeating our past efforts.  Our possibilities are limited as our bodies move in past formulation of composition and exposures.

Our instincts are strong to avoid fear, doubt and anxiety.  These are the new living experiences we are forced to face every day of our lives.

It is a matter of creating new movements that nullify our auto responses to outside stimulus.

Take more chances with your exposure, composition and your unique perspective.  It is hard in today's jump on any bandwagon image popularity contest not to imitate the image of others.

Put value in looking though your own eyes, your own unique perspective, creating an image you saw not someone else's vision. Technical abilities is the starting point, not the end of seeing your true subject through open eyes.  It takes  time to stimulate an interaction with a new subject, by being still and aware at the same time. This leads to great imagery.

It is time now to break free from the controlling actions that dominate your life.  Your unique vision has been dominated by copycat movements of others efforts.  Relax in your own body.  Enjoy your burgeoning awareness.  Control your instinctive desire to conform.

We need focus and discipline to counteract the growing obsolete structures of human existence.  The herd instincts are strong in us, our survival is on the line.  But as you can see, we now live in a hierarchy of control through propaganda and misinformation.  Alternative truths don't enhance mankind's future it undermines our faith in the truth of outside forces.

We will not demean ourselves by becoming puppets under the threads of false relationships that try and control our relation with our inner vision. We will put ourselves in the most advantageous position to understand our predicament and to unravel some of our old memories of past actions as obsolete and confining with no hope of surviving the coming cattle branding.  We will look for unclaimed words of acceptance and movement towards a freedom of choice, not a choice handed down from generation to generation made up to control our very natures.

We will not be lulled into a desperation to pause our durations of analysis of our actions and the images that we see and forget to create our own duration on subjects that have the potential to be created with a freedom and awareness of times illusive impressions.

We will not assume that positive thoughts mean anything but forgetfulness.  That negative thoughts are the ones that we must examine and control.  And use for our advantage to change.

We have limited our ability to grasp infinite space and infinite choices as an overwhelming diabolical invention of an unknown god.  We must embrace choice and not rely on the history of control from action passed down from the elite to the majority population, limiting our ability to see a newness in the world worth fighting for.  The old stale facade must come down and a new universal openness for actions must be created as all our older thoughts can be slanted to a corporate message of forgetfulness.

We need a new vocabulary that won't reduce outlives to be servants of the controlling mindset.  These minds are afraid of change because they know they will lose their footing and be replaced with a more universal acceptance of many viewpoints with no fabrication of limits.

The herd heading toward the cliff afraid of their own individual thoughts.  Afraid to break free from the repetitious lies of the controlling media.  Listen harder to the words of these evangelicals who are dissatisfied with their own thoughts and hate the thoughts of those that aren't suffering so they look to persecute and destroy the heaven we are on.  They want the world according to their own perverse hatred of anything different than their shallow branding. Like gods in our mythology they want to extract from our rich soil the necessary profits that can sustain their opulent lifestyles. Listen to your minds repulsion toward this form of mind control. You have been conditioned since birth to conform to the status quo, don't stand out from the crowd. Listen to you elders they know the truth.

Media defines our truths. The mindless awareness of greed. Distracting us with fluff to calm our inquisitive natures and lessen our ability to find our own individual truth.

Social media is not your friend.  It exploits your need to be seen and heard for profit.  It inflates your status, your popularity. These are not what you stand for but only byproducts of a growing chasm between the controlling minds and the sheep getting fat before the slaughter.

Social media diminishes your communication skills, it lessens your ability to think independently
and enhances your need to be accepted not as you are but as you project yourself on a screen, as an alter ego, a pen name without roots of experience.

We seem to believe that hoping for something and waiting for it to manifest itself is the natural flow of existence.  That, if we have positive thoughts and just wait, then all good things will appear magically.

Without purpose and effort nothing happens.

When we are negative we build up an auto response to the outside forces that seem to be attacking us.  These negative response perceptions condition us to react to our outer environment as a dog responds to a forceful master. This is a bait and switch taking place under the guise of necessary extraction of the earths minerals for profit.  By demeaning this world and its beauty they instill in the populace a hatred for the unclean extremities of our influence.  We are told we are above nature and nature is their for our giants of industry to exploit.  But these are not giants of god like characteristics but simple minded egos that believe they are the chosen few that have a right to destroy the world in their likeness.

To counter act the mesmerizing onslaught of violence on corporate media we must steel ourselves to use our talents and our intuitions and create images with purpose and honesty.  We must immerse ourselves in our subjects and create a vision for the future generations.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 5, 2017

Nature stands unmoved changing only when words change in their descriptions of her. Nature surrounds me but yet it has this illusive beauty that frightens me.  Nature intimidates me, becoming deceptions, inventions of sightless fear. Makes me feel inferior and because of this I begin to hate nature and want to destroy its very beauty that is beyond my understanding.

We feel only our limitations of human nature. We listen to a voice as an authority on our seeking answers.  We become dependent on someone else's knowledge and our inner intuition is voided. Memory entraps us, keeps us from seeing things anew.

Illusions of words is the main contributor to this inability to relax and let go and just be in your surroundings, flowing with your moments living in the now of your infinite choices.

We want stability and chaos is always present and we assume if we accept our structured thoughts built on words of stagnation we will be safe.

Words become their own truths, meant to control your conformity to status quo, and make them pillars of ancient gods without movement or truth. Your personal insights become limited and finally you abandon them to the controlling will of conformity.

Making life a dull word controlling your movements without thoughtful expression.

Nature becomes an enemy to fear instead of embrace and explore and make images of.  Words become deceptions and invention of the mind to control sight and in doing so pacify the need for stability against the increasing anxiety of life's dwindling opportunities.

Words create confusion, taking away the possibilities of a growing hunger for new possibilities.

Words of fear put up a barrier between your inner core and the outside forces we try and control through word manipulations.

We would rather destroy the very thing that will expand our senses and liven our minds to new truths.
And that is fearless acceptance of your very existence.  Your existential experience of your truth, your unique perspective.  In order to create photographs with meaning you must have confidence in expressing your thoughts through image creation.

Awareness gives us that connection.  Our heads aren't down looking at our feet repeating the standard path of conformity. Confidence in your intuitions creates a time flow that you ride as you journey to your  own destinations.

It feels effortless that connection you are making because you are present and aware not thinking through words before you act.  You are just in the now and enjoying the possibilities.

A feeling of a worthwhile effort to create an image you wanted to manifest not someone else ideas of what is good or bad.

Finding the compassion toward your subject allows you to free yourself from times cruel illusions of deadlines and places you need to be.  These stepping stones that limit your ability to focus not on your ideas but on a structure of capitalism which needs you to continually move in a fast paced deception of living. Where nothing is as it should be, not the right home, not the right clothes, not the right wife or husband.  You must according to the laws of ad manipulation never be satisfied, never be happy until you purchase this object not needed but wanted desperately.

Naming something is a regression from, not an acceptance of your present subject.

This lessens your experience to a made up approximation of a memory you saw in a photo book and not the real live view of the now moments that are passing by as you rummage through your memory senses to copy what you saw in the book instead of living in the present and finding your own image path to creating your own style.

Don't allow your repetitious demands of life interfere with your growing need to spend time exploring your new sensibilities.

Focus on your present moments and not on what has not happened and doesn't exist.

These hands are not mine, they are someone else's. Opening up to the infinite details is like becoming an infant again, where choices can be overwhelming.  But that is the fun of it.  Out of all this bombardment of information we weed through it with confidence that our unique vision will see the detail that begins the necessary examination of your shadowy image coming into focus and you begin to have a dialogue with your inner vision.

Don't allow indirect, sideways awareness to supplant and distance you from your immediate awareness.

If you allow your mind to ask to many questions you are creating a middle man that is interfering with your inner direct contact with your subject. This inhibits your life experience by baiting and switching out insights into inventions of distractions, like social media pop up ads, that are distracting you from living an intense aware life.

Don't distanced yourself from your immediate awareness by word transfer.  That is to shift the experience of your moments directly to the words themselves that describe your experience not the experience itself.  We have been duped to think that by taking snap shots and then describing the pics is actually living them. It is not. You have removed the experience to a past and have interfered with the full potential of these precious moments that are evaporating from your grasp.

To experience life, live not through an intermediary device that takes on human characteristics and is not there to allow you to have the freedom of choosing your experience but to put a ball and chain around your moments and funnel them into a system of distractions, through a clever media, that undermines your will and you succumb to the herd and we abandon our own experiences for a mechanical screen as if this is our new god.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 4, 2017

The younger generation is losing the ability to become their individual selves.  Technology is determining their feelings and their actions.  Their lives now are based on consumerism not just junk products but junk ideas, feelings and goals.  They are force fed the newest and the greatest not because they have earned or learned anything but because they are susceptible to the new wave of free info and manipulation of the brain toward a homogenized life of copy cats.

We no longer have any deep intellectual discussions of our reality we are creating.  We are stone deaf to the manipulations of our space and time. Our school systems have been corrupted in the structured policy that our kids don't need to learn on their own the answers to their inquisitive minds but now are hand fed the answers to memorize for tests that will determine the financial stability of their schools.

The young students are losing their mental discipline to find their own answers to hard questions and to pursue the subject from all sides.  We now have social media to answer all questions, so the young students don't need mental toughness to get at even what questions need to be asked. Lazy minded they instead are addicted to their own surface reflections on a hand held device that doesn't prepare them for what life is all about, their pursuit now is to make a life seen through a screen that is an allusion of communication and a detachment from life not an involvement in life.

What it comes down to is the process of gaining an intellect is ignored.  The conclusion is what matters.  How you got there is not important, the answer is what is real no matter what the benign shallow vision of accepted.

We are becoming lazy minds that stir the soil on its surface expecting to grow new ideas and new purposes.  But in reality the order has been structured for centuries.  We are herded and exploited because we are not listening to a better way to be.  If all we do is exist to up load snap shots of our lives then we are fragmenting our memory, our time line with family and friends.  This clutter of info and surface opinions is dumbing us down to be easily misled by the social media propaganda machine.

The mind stores memories and it takes will and purpose to edit out the fluff and to begin to remember who you are and what you want to be.

Without a known history we are lost in the manipulation of future paths that don't lead to our salvation but profit for the hungry and greedy minds of the con-men.

Are you always responding to an outside stimulus and not an internal purpose of self hood?  Technology is moving us away from a successful career as to what we want to be but instead limiting our choices by selecting only those jobs that serve the technology wealth and not the individual.

By putting a mechanical device between the you and your peers you feel embolden to attack rather than discuss and when the person attacked breaks where is the accountability for the attacker.  Cyber bullying is the norm for those weakened personalities of tech hood.

Social media gives us no deep seated friendships, we see only the superficial and this emboldens us to prove our superiority and express the current media propaganda.  Like recorders we regurgitate our thoughts that are handed to our angry egos and become the exploited many that don't understand the undercurrents of manipulation on your shallow reflections.  An ego being used by a few to make it look like the many have the same voice.

We are all unique in that we have our own paths to follow, not a path already old with false words of hatred and greed.

The new approval for our kids is not necessarily their peers anymore.  It is the social media.  Social media can distract and give them temporary relief from the pressure pushing down on them but it doesn't solve the problem but deflects it with a bunch of likes and ignores the real issue that problems are solved by you facing them and finding out what the real issues are.

We look at the new future through abstract eyes.  Seeing is the new believing without having to make an effort through hard work to have success.