Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 11, 2014

Photography should be purposeful.  It should illuminate your subject in a way that express in visual content, an inner landscape,  that gives to the viewer a insight into your spiritual being.  Photography is an expression that adds to the conversation concerning the lives we lead.  It does not degrade life by useless information that exposes the raw sloth of the human condition.  We all know that life is to short to be distracted by these redundant copycat images that are so profuse now in the market place that it is hard to sift through the clutter to find an original expression, a unique vision of someones inner world.

Not every subject can make a good photograph.  The substance of a purposeful image is character.  A glimpse unknown at a new world of revelation.  Someones inner world brought forth to connect with the viewer on a deeper level. Everything photographed should not be broadcast to the world. If you don't think before shooting an image why bother with holding your camera to your eye..  

Why not attach a small camera to your lapel and have it fire off every 30 seconds or so a snapshot of your day.  We now have these types of cameras and it won't be long until our lives are not lived in the external world but lived through viewing images that document the surreal existence we all share in.  Live a life and explore and be mind present when you are making images.  

I have a series of images that I think gives you a good example of the evolution of a photo concept.  You see something interesting to shoot and then realize that there is something more present than meets the casual eye.  You look at the light and see that it had potential.  You looked at some of the details of the scene and realized that if you added a few more interesting props this image would become better. So you begin to add or subtract little details that worked or didn't work.  You looked for a better composition and then zeroed in on your true subject as you began to connect with the scene more and more. 

You saw something in the scene that spoke to you and made you stop and listen to your inner voice and forced you to study the possibilities to create a better image. And as you worked on your idea it began to evolve through light and composition until you created a meaningful image.