Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 3, 2016

George Tice, "As I progressed further with my project, it became obvious that it was really unimportant where I chose to photograph."

This need to fill our lives with anything other than ourselves is the ultimate existential experience.  Many have no understanding of why they feel this overwhelming anxiety and fear. Being alone in the universe with your actions dictating your life's progress is a great responsibility. We all look for distractions, the very reason we are not whole in our individuality.  Instead we are fragmented into many pieces and many visions of our living without responsibility.  We ignore the facts of this reality.  It is in constant flux and you cannot control your environment but you can move with it and glimpse into the dark manipulations we are being constantly bombarded with.

When making photos I lose my sense of time and I focus on my relationship with my subject and in these gifts of connection I do sometimes come away feeling whole and at peace.

When you reach the outskirts of the human potential then you must come back to your own individuality.  This none stop promotion of gadgets and games that can distract us from the real issues facing our lives and our planet is the work of con-men.

You must face yourself in the barren wasteland of the lies that are spreading over us and becoming barriers, structures of someone else's demands on our very existence.

Are you moving forward from a position of strength that will add to this world some goodness and tip the scale to honesty with purpose.

We can't sit still and just be. We must let go of the constant judging and feelings of helplessness. And through that letting go we begin to flow with nature not as separate but as one.  And in that realization one can find image creation a way into yourself and into nature, to begin to find your momentum to create images with purpose and meaning for your growing freedom from the construct of conditioning in a world of materialistic greed and the abandonment of human values.

Knowing yourself and your place (timeline) in the constant pushing and shoving of our external existence helps you overcome the natural tendency in humans to simplify your reaction to stimulus from outside forces. We want to eliminate the stress of reflection and pursuit of truth.  These are hard fought battles between the pursuit of your reality and the conditioning from the collective media mind.

We are becoming vagabonds in our own life.  Watching objectively a life that is not ours anymore.  But now only a reflection on a hand held device.

Self is now a product, posed for the camera to perfect your image and status.  The more tweets you get on any given day is your belief in your actions.

Nature, the external world is a natural force that acts in its own ways without or with you.  It just is.

As we watch our lives move behind us, getting further and further away from our original direction we are being put on a path dictated to us and not for our own fulfillment but the feeding of illusionary wealth as the planet dies. This lessens our will to pursue our individual expressions of our internal wealth of ideas and connections with others.

To explore nature unhindered without the structural conformity that is necessary to keep the populace in check is scary.  So many choices waiting for you, so many paths beckoning you toward them.  It can be overwhelming.

The way forward is not by ego but empathy and purpose through image creation.
Not settling for a quick snap shot.  This obsession with movement, of continually putting pressure on yourself to be all and see all is a wicked fear of facing yourself.  It is a timeline of death expectations and in this fear you settle for a fast paced snap shot, shooting away your life, as if by taking that quick glance at the world we have somehow captured it and now have corralled the external into a tidy photograph that now can be controlled.

Listen to your inner voice.  Recognize your need to dig deeper into your motives of escaping the battle between you and the man made outer chaos. Break through these constrictions that disconnect you from the world.  Begin to see the world you have been missing since early childhood.

How can you make images if all you do all day is constantly change lanes.  Never exploring further than a cursory advance toward change and then right back to your old habits of denial.

Becoming your passion breaks the structural limits placed directly in your path for a purpose.  To keep you guessing, never able to see beyond the gray wall.