Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017

Waiting a condition of purposeless resolutions to not participate but allow life to move further away from your inner will.  

You can’t control the world through your actions alone.  But you can move with the flow and open yourself up to the visions of your youth when all was new and exciting and you immersed yourself in your chosen subjects with an intense detachment of a novice.  Enjoying the moments of touch and sight as the newness of nature was revealed to your growing knowledge.

As we jump forward in our lives disconnecting with our inner purpose we begin to lose our empathy for others.  We had to give up our dreams so others must give up theirs as well, to fit into nice little cubicles of anxiety and doubt. As tensions mount past the point of opposition we instinctively revert to our base animal instincts of survival and accept our lives fated to us through our own inability to seek detachment from someone else's will.

Now we have a so called knowledge of experience.  A training system of do's and dont's.  A learning of a history that is all facade with no inner core.  An America that creates a system of beliefs, a religion and demands the sinners to accept the written word.  These words condition us to explore in a narrow way our vision of the world we inhabit.  These words define our likes and dislikes.  These words are created to control the substance and direction of your life. As we age the future paths we began narrow and end in dead end streets because of our addiction to word structures.  We assimilate our family,  school and friends behaviors and in this acceptance we begin to limit our dreams as we face that overwhelming structure of our societies needs.  The ones in power will not allow a new direction with purpose unless they can capitalize on it and milk it for profits.

Words can define our vision of our future goals.  Acceptance of someone else's thoughts as your goals doesn’t make since. Diverting your inner creations, bending them to fit a mold of conformity negates your efforts to create your own unique vision.

Where are your own insights that can propel you past your conforming fears?  Where are your intense insights that immerse you in your subjects world and gives you the strength to resist your conforming fears and create your own vision.

When was the last time you surprised yourself with a true unselfish voice that was yours alone.  And not a repeated tweet or a reblog of someone else's words or images.

Without a will to express your life through art you confine your inner being to a limited expression of existence and makes your future naive to think that by not following your inner landscape you will somehow miraculously succeed in creating your own perspective.

It takes years of work, trial and error to let go of the stereotypes and flow with the natural flow of life's gifts.

Taking images now is a status symbol. Not a willful pursuit of a connection with an outer interest.  A connection with your subject is the goal of all good image creation.

It takes time, intense immersion into your scene to create a dialogue not a monologue with yourself and your subject.

Status imagery adds a shallow surface glitter to the photograph which doesn't reveal something new about the subject but gives the viewer a sense of your ego bragging about a space and time you were in. A quick click and it failed to connect to the surrounding details that were calling but instead you refused to let go of your ego glamour and just express a deep connection you felt. Lethargic and easy compositions copied from infinite horizons of other snap shooters trained by the mind of easy answers.

These images lose their authentic character in as much as they are not for you a necessary expression of your inner emotional drive. These are snap shots you grew into through social media that express only a surface pose not a deeper understanding of you place and time.

Details of nervous lives looking for attention and escape any way possible. Then one always posts the food tray as if to say look at my full plate of unnecessary details that don’t tell you anything about my real inner life. But it does express a substitute life lead by its nose to repeat the ugly truth of our growing homogenized egos of greed.  More this, more that has  become a necessary foundation for an overburdening force of image exclusions. What is reality but a means to reflect on who you are through creating meaningful art that includes not excludes people of all colors.

What is necessary is purpose of letting people really see you not as a glamour junkie but as another human being.

When you create images from your inner core you are giving others a sense of who you are not a product exposing infant choices of boredom.  But a person willing to express himself in such a way that expresses his life’s compass.

My inner being is not a cup of coffee sitting by a window in some tropical palace over looking a blue ocean with the sun setting with street lights and moving cars and people roaming looking at themselves through others eyes.

Life is intriguing and meant to frustrate,demand,unravel and inspire you to do more than just look and take.