Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a Great New Year!

December 7, 2012

I need to think more conceptual and not allow a scene or subject to overwhelm my senses with extraneous details.  If a scene is powerful (has alot of striking subjects and striking light) don't jump in and begin shooting randomly.  I know sometimes light is fleeting and you must act fast but calm your nerves and think.  Think about the subject in front of you, what idea, emotions, feelings does this subject represent and what can I do to create through my choice of lens, exposure, composition, perspective etc.. something more than just random objects in the scene that give the viewer a mixed and confusing response to your image.  By making your image a metaphor, you have created an expression beyond literal seeing.

Think about your image's purpose before you click the shutter.

What do these details represent, what larger meaning is speaking to me through my subject and the light that is present and the composition that I am choosing.

Think about the scene. What if you eliminate parts of your initial composition.  Are you shooting with a wide angle lens and your subject is now just part of an overall landscape that doesn't speak to your initial purpose for composing the scene.

Open yourself  up to that voice in your head that is speaking to you, wanting you to look deeper into the subject. Look at the scene from a different perspective that would speak more to your audience and give that inner voice a visual representation.