Saturday, February 6, 2016

January 30, 2016

We are displayed now as objects, exterior to our internal needs.  To have a cohesive self image we can not live outside ourselves through snap shots, we need to embrace our own inner time line that give us our unique perspectives. Center ourselves through our own views and break the illusion of outer exposure through social media as real.  

Fight to live your own perspective, through your own eyes and not through what others see you as.  Corporate media is a means of commerce, entertainment and violence.  This keeps us in constant stress and anxiety.  We don't look through our own eyes and see the world but we see the the world now through billions of eyes, exterior eyes that keep our lives fragmented with unnecessary images of desire, violence, opulence, hate and a constant police blotter.

We live in a constant badgering of images that make us want to pacify our anxiety with material needs, a buy, buy, buy mentality.

It also makes us susceptible to thinking that once we post our private thoughts or a snap shot of ourselves we must get a like,  an acceptance from the masses and if we don't we begin to feel bad.

This is not living in the world but living through a collective mind that entertains us and makes us feel we are contributing to society. But what are we contributing?

But in reality we are just playing at living through cyber space and this space becomes an extension of our thoughts and cages us in a unbearable necessity to view our lives through a physical exposure.

This has nothing to do with self image because once your image is sent into the collective it is seen as a small minute fragment of the whole and as such is only present for a split second and then reduced into the murky cosmos of information gathering that is mined for trends to sell more products to the masses.

The need to grasp at fame is an illusion perpetuated by the cult of the media adman.

When you focus all your energy to snap shots of your life then you have torn the linear fabric of your life into pieces with no cohesive bond between your moments.

Your focus should be on the relationship you build with the outer world.  Asking questions as to why I react the way I do in this situation and not others.

Why do I think first that a snap shot of an experience is better than to sit still and enjoy this moment.

The answer is Pavlov's dog.  You are being conditioned to use a mechanical device first and experience the moment in a future time by the past image.  Why do we do this?

Capitalism is the pure and simple answer.  You are being trained to think in a collective ad, your moments matter to everybody and should be shown continually.

You are also being dumbed down to think in terms of seconds instead of hours or even days.  This shorten time line speeds up your anxiety and you have to work and do more to keep up with the latest and greatest products that can enhance your status on these corporate media sites.  Information to the masses is nothing more now than trivial, banal sex and violence.  Our knowledge base is being eroded by distraction purposely manipulated to get us thinking in the wrong direction.

This connects all the Media Corporations together, shoot, post and buy.  A never ending circular loop of material that hits us in our desirous brain.  A hyper visual mind does not think but accepts images as a means of communication.  This is fine if you are creating an image with purpose to enhance and reveal your inner design so others can have their own experience through your photograph.

A relationship with an image is significant in that you as the observer have bonded with something in that photograph that means something to you that the creator of the image might not of intended.

But now social media is using this facade of authenticity to undermine the nature of image creation.  Images are personal and are meant to show others in the family, in society, in our culture how we lived, how we live, and we we want to live.

But perception itself is being transformed through manipulation in social media that makes us feel we are part of the show, an integral part of the media experience and therefore we are being acknowledged and accepted as loyal button clickers.

Our lives have been stolen from us and now we experience reality through a mechanical device that never says, enough! Never says wait, think before you post.  Always available 24/7,  always ready with a reply, an ad to soothe the savage beasts.

We are participants in a bigger whole in which we are being primed for buying into the madness of materialism.

What we have now is an all out assault on our human species.  We are being conditioned to think in isolated pockets without a true connection to others with a different perspective.  In my book this is called Fascism.

The future is only endings of moments in the now. We are constantly reacting to stimulus from nature.  This creates our life as we age.  This interaction with the outside world is vital in living a full life as a human being.  It is necessary for us to live in the now and experience this reality through our unique voice.  Make are own imprint on this world and not allow our true lives to be stolen from us by a hand held device.

We are in a regression to a more caveman like experience of reality.  We are being trained to fear the world as a bad place therefore it must be destroyed, not protected.  We are being forced to live our lives through machines that dictate to us who we should be and should want to be.  All glitz with no substance.

Stop, look around, slow down.  Create an image in the slow recognition of your internal landscape that can be perceived with focus on the beautiful world that surrounds us.