Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recession Images

September 24, 2011

I bought some small piggy banks and a couple of larger piggy banks a few years ago before the Great Depression.  I was thinking about the economy and how people would need to start putting money back into savings and into other safe investments.  I was going to shoot a family of pigs with the parents, so to speak, teaching their little pigs to save and invest in their future.  I never got a chance back then to shoot them with that concept in mind.

Fast forward to today's economic fiasco.  As I was looking for new concepts to shoot I remembered the little pigs and thought about the state of the economy and the hardships the Great Recession has wrought on the working class and the working poor, so I decided to shoot these family of pigs with a vision of society where the older generation will have more wealth and the younger generation will have less and will suffer for decades for the greed and dysfunctional government that rule them.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Times are a Changing

August 5, 2011

Photographers must have a business plan and have the where with all to change that business plan as times change.  There is no doubt that times are changing fast in the photo industry and one must be agile and have the dexterity to change directions when needed.  Once upon a time in the Stock Photo World of the Past many photographer's let there images do the talking.  They obviously had the talent to create great images and didn't necessarily have to continually promote themselves as a Stock Shooter or even have to go after assignment work (even though some photographers were natural salesman and would always promote themselves).  They were free to focus on what excited them and then shoot it and submit to a Stock Photo Agency and then watch the income roll in. Nowadays imagery gets lost in the over saturation, over competitive market of shooting Stock Images. Where once your imagery had a waiting audience ready to buy your travel, nature, people and landscape subjects through your Photo Agency, now that audience is getting there imagery from a wide variety of sources and getting connected with photographers on social networking sites.  You have to stay informed and participate in the new directions photography and the business world is going or your imagery will not be seen and purchased and you will not survive in this iapps instant communication posting connectivity culture we are becoming.