Sunday, September 18, 2016

September 3, 2016

George Tice, "As I progressed further with my project, it became obvious that it was really unimportant where I chose to photograph."

This need to fill our lives with anything other than ourselves is the ultimate existential experience.  Many have no understanding of why they feel this overwhelming anxiety and fear. Being alone in the universe with your actions dictating your life's progress is a great responsibility. We all look for distractions, the very reason we are not whole in our individuality.  Instead we are fragmented into many pieces and many visions of our living without responsibility.  We ignore the facts of this reality.  It is in constant flux and you cannot control your environment but you can move with it and glimpse into the dark manipulations we are being constantly bombarded with.

When making photos I lose my sense of time and I focus on my relationship with my subject and in these gifts of connection I do sometimes come away feeling whole and at peace.

When you reach the outskirts of the human potential then you must come back to your own individuality.  This none stop promotion of gadgets and games that can distract us from the real issues facing our lives and our planet is the work of con-men.

You must face yourself in the barren wasteland of the lies that are spreading over us and becoming barriers, structures of someone else's demands on our very existence.

Are you moving forward from a position of strength that will add to this world some goodness and tip the scale to honesty with purpose.

We can't sit still and just be. We must let go of the constant judging and feelings of helplessness. And through that letting go we begin to flow with nature not as separate but as one.  And in that realization one can find image creation a way into yourself and into nature, to begin to find your momentum to create images with purpose and meaning for your growing freedom from the construct of conditioning in a world of materialistic greed and the abandonment of human values.

Knowing yourself and your place (timeline) in the constant pushing and shoving of our external existence helps you overcome the natural tendency in humans to simplify your reaction to stimulus from outside forces. We want to eliminate the stress of reflection and pursuit of truth.  These are hard fought battles between the pursuit of your reality and the conditioning from the collective media mind.

We are becoming vagabonds in our own life.  Watching objectively a life that is not ours anymore.  But now only a reflection on a hand held device.

Self is now a product, posed for the camera to perfect your image and status.  The more tweets you get on any given day is your belief in your actions.

Nature, the external world is a natural force that acts in its own ways without or with you.  It just is.

As we watch our lives move behind us, getting further and further away from our original direction we are being put on a path dictated to us and not for our own fulfillment but the feeding of illusionary wealth as the planet dies. This lessens our will to pursue our individual expressions of our internal wealth of ideas and connections with others.

To explore nature unhindered without the structural conformity that is necessary to keep the populace in check is scary.  So many choices waiting for you, so many paths beckoning you toward them.  It can be overwhelming.

The way forward is not by ego but empathy and purpose through image creation.
Not settling for a quick snap shot.  This obsession with movement, of continually putting pressure on yourself to be all and see all is a wicked fear of facing yourself.  It is a timeline of death expectations and in this fear you settle for a fast paced snap shot, shooting away your life, as if by taking that quick glance at the world we have somehow captured it and now have corralled the external into a tidy photograph that now can be controlled.

Listen to your inner voice.  Recognize your need to dig deeper into your motives of escaping the battle between you and the man made outer chaos. Break through these constrictions that disconnect you from the world.  Begin to see the world you have been missing since early childhood.

How can you make images if all you do all day is constantly change lanes.  Never exploring further than a cursory advance toward change and then right back to your old habits of denial.

Becoming your passion breaks the structural limits placed directly in your path for a purpose.  To keep you guessing, never able to see beyond the gray wall.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

August 27, 2016

Aaron Siskind, " We look at the world and see what we have learned to believe is there.  We have been conditioned to expect...but, as photographers, we must learn to relax our beliefs."

Displacement of purpose, the retreat to create a different reality is the purpose of the the new social media propaganda.  The media sites are our new home of expression without real human contact. A distraction from your necessary concerns.

Photographs exploit this need in us to use our imagination to create new selves (other worlds) beyond our short existence.  This wanting to be seen, heard and appreciated is a constant drumbeat of life's illusionary mystery.

Imposing your will on the landscape is a constant battle to control the media of external representation.  This need for humans to take charge over nature is instinctive.

To manifest your deeper purpose we must let go of the trivia of ego.  We must let go the need to project words on the external flux of space and time.  You could spend your whole life trying to rule outcomes of your behavior even thinking that you are in charge of your life and then bang something happens out of the blue and dislodges you from your perfect timing.  You can't limit the transitions with stubborn will but learn to accept your journey as your necessary path taken.

The acceptance is the internal fight to accept your place as an ever changing struggle to become more. No one should acquiesce to the dull throb of endless constraint.

You must have a strong vision to get the image you have seen in your mind but haven't been able to capture it.  This doesn't mean you limit your vision to just one particular object but you open your mind to the multiplicity of manifested subjects calling your name..

It is a battle of wills to push through the trilogy of defeat,  accepting less, taking the easy path, allowing the external world to create defeat even before the attempt to start is made.

Stifling oneself with a cascading rain of endless possibilities will confuse your internal purpose.  Your uniqueness needs to be expressed and you have the details already present that will make a clear vision of your inner landscape. You just have to be present and looking.  Not holding a machine in your hand looking down at it as if this was your life blood to the external world.  It is an illusion. You need to be looking up and outward.

In photography your life goal is not already predestined but continually in flux.  It is not prefabricated  through thoughts but is shaped by you as you mature and deepen your relationships with nature.  As you connect more with shaping the external world into an image with power and openness you will begin to break free from the standard conformity of the herd that structures your life's goals.

It is a battle of wills between your vision and the subject you are interested in.  You fight against the light changing, the subject not fitting into your preconceived script, the slowness of your reaction, the impatience not to wait but move on and then looking back you see the moment of your vision happen but to late for you to experience it as your own.

In those moments of missed opportunities just enjoy the spectacle and remember patience denies times momentum.

But next time pause your life for a few seconds, minutes or hours and let the image present but unseen reveal itself in all its connective force.

Your vision is to connect first with your subject and then with your viewer.  That relationship you have with your subject is the most important in order to allow serendipity to magnify your patience and relationship with the scene.

Bringing forth a new vision a new perspective that others can appreciate and take part in.

As adults we begin to lose our ability to stay the influx of defining words that limit our experience.

It easier just to ignore the undercurrents of a scene and just accept the surface cascade.  If you had to concentrate on  the scene you might have to dig deeper into yourself and to recognize your connection to the scene in front of you and maybe your fear of what it really reveals.

Children recognize an unblemished perception, a quality in the dialogue being presented, an interaction wanted, a feeling of acceptance of and a reaction to, that is natural and purposeful.  Another words a relationship that is real.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31, 2016

Keith A. Boas,"Photography is the ideal medium in which to challenge assumptions, because of all art forms, it is one people most expect to represent reality... The creative photographer grapples with these expectations, shaping or altering reality by the way he or she approaches a subject."

Imagery becomes another reality from experience. Like a talisman it is a good luck piece that gives you an illusion of connectivity to the real experience. But in short it is not a representation of that experience it is an antidote to your life's time line. 

It is only a memory in a physical form. A remedy for your willingness to pursue surface experience instead of the emersion in your life experiences. In a fraction of a second your experience was lost, you were separated from your real experience by eye candy as you automatically brought the camera to your eye and pushed the shutter button, but in that split second you lost the physical presence of that moment and how it would have connected you to the next moment (that would have led you to the real moment of exposure, a connection to your subject that was intense and deeply felt).  The true experience wasn't loud or obnoxious, it was just present waiting for you to discover it with intense concentration and an openness to your inner voice. It was calling your name but you limited your reaction by an uncreative snap shot that diminished any hope of you seeing beyond the social media conditioning of greedy eyes for the distractive representation of our human condition.

By not connecting to this moment passing you are now on different footing. A different path begins as you huddle around the camera to see your past moment but miss the explosion of color from a passing car waving goodbye to his love.

Another words you missed the true moment by taking the easy way around your perspective and settled for a quick fix to the continuing moments of distractions interfering with your momentum of creating meaningful images.  More and more experiences do not lead to better image creation. Especially if you are not on your true path.    

Just like a cloned mind one is following the leader down the rabbit hole of objectifying your life through snap shots that delute the possibility of living your own perspective and unique vision.

This conditioning by media to promote the mindless details of our lives and expose them to millions of people diminish the human spirit and destroy openness and acceptance.  It allows ourselves to huddle with like minded, anonymous people and laugh at others as if they were not laughing at you.  

Good photography brings people together and unites us, it does not separate us from our common spirit.

Just as we accumulate things in this buy and posses climate of material greed on steroids we are also losing our ability to recognize a phony life.  A facade put on to stimulate our shallow perceptions. A trickster waiting to take advantage of our hopes and dreams.  

We are losing our humanity.  A human species that doesn't look at the whole scene but settles for the easy slice of the pie as a doubt creeps in, that annoying feeling that just maybe there is something more present worth searching for than the bland homogenized copycat snap shots of an expensive meal on white linen. 

Opening your eyes to the world can feel like an overwhelming explosion of details rushing in on your senses. This creates a need for a filter.  A filter that can eliminate all the chatter and allow us to make quick decisions and judgments so our lives are normalized and conditioned toward safety and less thinking.

I am old enough to remember childhood, looking out at the world with fresh clean eyes of newness of the experiences you were having. We wanted to be in nature and explore and see new things not in a big sense of knowing but experiencing the present moments through the eyes of innocence.

Now it seems youth wants to live like their parents through a mechanical device and ignore the external world and only listen to the echo of words they know to describe the moments that are only there for the next snap shot or text.

These kids become adults and as adults they have learned to define their lives through words that label and diminish their experience not words that open up the experience to enhance their living experience. Adults look first through a reflection before they take action.

This pause is represented by the camera click the shutter release as you lose the intense moment of life for a snap shot of its memory and not the experience itself.

Adults project their inner fears onto nature, this allows the separation of thoughts of deep needs to a  physical reality we think we can control. 

Words establish ones place in the surrounding environment.  We define our world through words.  But words can never undo the fact that we are surrounded by nature.  A nature that doesn't know words meanings and doesn't care.

As adults we lose our ability to stay the influx of defining words of our experiences.  We don't just live the experience we must tweet it, face book it, look at me social media I am living the dream. 

It would be easier just to experience your life first hand and not distract yourself with a device that blocks your ability to become present in your moments.

But from childhood we have been taught to separate ourselves from the world.  Exploit it for it's rich information and then destroy it as an impediment to man living in cyber space.

We are now writing with light the details of a life like a writer who doesn't live his own life but settles for words detailing his experiences and forgets that these details taken individually are parts of his life.  What he has done is parceled out his life in fragments and not lived them as a cohesive whole for himself. 

You will not get your perspective beyond your unique visual presence. Photographs exploit this need in us to use our imagination to create other worlds beyond our short existence.  Your gift at birth is a space to be in and a timeline to live in.  This gives you an opportunity to create an image worth discovering.  Not out of fear or hidden motifs but through genuine feelings toward your subject and others.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2, 2016

Forgetting to live your personal life.  Always on display.  Never a moment to become yourself. Away from the social morass of muddy information, meaningless to your real goal of self awareness and the creation of willful imagery.

Fearing life and not embarking on it. A lessening of your ability to act as an individual. Our evolutionary tendencies to follow not lead.

Think of your social media site and the overwhelming amount of information and minutiae of details you can find that really have no purpose for you or how you want to live your life.

Social media can paralyze you into non-action. Controlling how you perceive the world and how you interact with it on a shallow surface labeling.

To experience the world on a deeper level we must throw out these stifling stereotypes and open up our minds to seeing the world differently, with new eyes.  Wide open eyes willing to take a new step toward their interests and find new ways to express old ideas. 

Peter Galassi, "Alone, the Surrealist wanders the streets without destination but with a premeditated alertness for the unexpected detail that will release a marvelous and compelling reality just beneath the banal surface of ordinary experience."

We live under extreme pressure to conform to the status quo.  This wanting to be part of something is used against us and constrains our artistic awareness.

Just let go and move beyond your first inclination to take a snap shot.  Stay still and just look, let your mind meander through the scene looking for a movement of awareness, a feeling that something is present that needs to be explored not exploited.

Let all your senses reach out to find that stillness of sight,  that can create an image reflected from your inner core. An image that communicates to you that what you have found is unique only to you and your conscious choices you made connecting with your subject.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 12, 2016

Words are daily manipulated to change the meaning of photographs.  To instill confusion of what you see and by doing this making it easier to use propaganda to convince someone something is happening in real life instead of a created existence in cyber space.  We are becoming a video game society easily tempted with bells and whistles to entertain us but not educate us on the true nature of social media's ever expanding role and control in our lives.

Joel Meyerowitz from an introduction to Cape Light, " All I'm trying to do is pass experience.  I see things-this is my life- I look: I make visual images.  It's the best in me- the only thing I can do.  It's what I've done since I was a kid, I feel things. We are emission centers.  We receive sensations and we put them out.  That's what artists do.  I can receive on any given day, more or less clearly, depending upon how in touch with the signals I am. If I'm in a good place, where there's a lot of visual activity, I become super sensitive.  I receive many signals, and I pick and choose among them.  As they get deeper into my center, to the core of this receiver, I feel more strongly about them, and I say this is the one that I am moved by. "

As a photographer are you receptive to the inner/outer relationship of creating good images by immersing yourself into your intuitive receptors.

Inanity, a lack of sense or ideas.  A stillness, a gap between you and the the world.  Humans are becoming inanimate objects.  Lifeless beings more concerned with their mechanical devices than living their lives present in each sacred moment.

There is a hallow feeling now spreading across the worried faces of people, as if they are aware of their lives changing but don't know into what.  This creates anxiety and a need to be seen and heard,  Look at me please, I exist!!

To take time to feel and truly see something external to their needy ego's demands to be seen is almost impossible when they succumb to the social medias betrayal of individuality.

This inner vacuum extends into their lives they are trying to comprehend.  Social media is becoming the new collective consciousness of the masses.  A chance to be seen and heard and appreciated for your efforts.  Except social media is a distraction from living not a way of living.  It is hollow and a cheap way to expose yourself as it sucks up your time, placates your inner worries with brief moments of likes and dislikes.

Where is your common sense and your purpose in life?  It certainly can't be re-blogging simplistic answers to universal and complex questions of our existence.  If it were that easy then we wouldn't need social media.  But if social media confuses you and separates you from living your life then you have fallen into the scam of powerful interests.  You are being exposed to fruitless hours of addiction to a screen that only limits your ability to live not enhance it.

We have finally been assimilated into the economy of the money transaction.  In the past we were outsiders in the deal making.  We had the ability to be objective and through this objectivity we had some power over the advertising agencies and their relentless aggression to make us buy stuff.

Now, with corporate social media, we allow them to collect personal information from us for free.  This information categorizes us into a caste system of potential product sales through targeted ads.

In the social media world the collective spurts out what is right and what is wrong instantaneously.  If it happens to sit well with you in these seconds of comprehension then you can like it and then forget about it and move on to judge something else in the collective spirit of cyberspace an external wizardly of smoke and mirrors.

In reality however nothing has changed nothing is accomplished.  It is a side show to get you involved in the trivial, mindless explosion of controlled entertainment, while the real movers and shakers use their slight of hand to take more from the suckers herded onto devices that are only used for confusing the truth.

A new religion is born.

Our lives are speeding up as we accumulate more and more frivolous snap shots and banal information to sedate us, as our society sinks deeper and deeper into a collective zombie mind without the ability to recognize the manipulation of our animal instincts to herd together for support.

And because of these animal instincts we are herded in to corrals of social hierarchy and ads are sent to you given your station in life.

Still images have a separate authority, a new narrative that living in the moment does not have.  That is the addiction to self awareness.  By constantly taking pictures of your life, you change the narrative of your moment and are actually imitating a screen play, a movie of someone, a character in your own narrow reality. By stopping time, it might appear that you have empowered yourself and your future narrative by projecting through social media and to the world your cubicle of time/space.  And by doing this one is being mislead.

You are actually creating a likeness of yourself and this objective life you are leading becomes a new likeness to what the collective dictates as acceptable behavior and you are literally immersed in a fake life that has no ultimate significance, while the real world politics is being centered under a different reality of collective minds manipulating the masses.  We now listen for shallow words, one word summaries of our lives, maybe a half sentence to describe who we are.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 28, 2016

At one time photography held a higher ideal of life's values.  Images were seen representing a real scene perceived through the eyes of a talented image creator.

Now photography is a disappointment, a homogeneous replica of a fragmented society with nothing better to do than live our lives in snap shots and sound bites without depth of thought, feeling and insight. What we take pictures of now are banal expressions of an objectifying existence.  An all seeing inner eye watching us from the outside.  This outer eye reveals the shallow objects of peoples lives and the longing for immersion in their truth but they can't seem to break free from the monolith structure of materialism and greed.

We have been turned into copies of each other, trained to look outside ourselves for answers.  The answers exist but only in our capability to recognize our truth in ourselves away from the mass incarceration of our minds by frivolous needs. 

Snap shots have replaced the immersion of yourself in your life and in nature.  When we see anything now we tend to bring up the barrier between the subject and your vision, the camera phone.

This is a safety blanket that is used for distraction and conquering the scene before you by placing it in a frame and once captured and published on social media, the potential that was present was never realized because of this urge to move past not with your time. Images have become a skin deep means for you to ignore the scene present in your inner landscape.  Just conquer the external world with a click and your illusion of unessential reality is preserved.

We are becoming passive sponges of infinite details and pictures that mean nothing.  What is real and what is make believe are now interchangeable.

These devices we hold in our hands are overpowering our need for intimacy and privacy.

We look at the screen and the eye candy window opens up and it is powerful and stimulating and new, with excitement more real than breathing and being present in your life.  We are swept up in a fantasy world of stunted words and triviality and it seems we have found a home in the collective hoarders home.  As more and more windows open we fall into the rabbit hole and land in a world of distortions and distractions.  

We are exposed to an overpowering mass propaganda machine on steroids, 24/7 a continuous bombardment of foolish and useless information. The illusion is strong and we seem to think we are connecting with someone beyond us but really we are connecting with ourselves innocently exposed to the world.

Picture taking, takes the present from your view and keeps you in memory mode.  By taking pictures instead of experiencing a moment you are blindly removing yourself from the experience and later reminding yourself of what happened by looking at a snapshot of that experience.

It is a struggle to live in the now and not be pulled back into the past by an overstimulated need to take pictures of, instead of enjoying the moments unfolding.  You need a willful purpose to become yourself in the present deterioration of our human thought communities.

When you make photographs you are in the present focusing your mind's vision on your potential subject.  You are aware and excited as you structure your design of the scene in unity with your internal sight and the intensity of connecting with your subject.  

When we go places to experience first hand the wonders of this world we feel jaded because the actual real subject doesn't look as good as the travel ads you saw. The good thing is you acted and listened to your inner calling and made an effort to travel.  The bad thing is your expectations were already firmly seeded in your mind of what you wanted to see by an external presence, someone else's view of your travel destination.  Instead of traveling to this place with an open mind and to discover for yourself your own internal, image visions. 

The photograph takes from us our feeling of being present, the first hand experience.  It seems to take away the anticipation of a scene especially if we have seen our subject through countless images manipulated in photoshop to enhance the second hand viewing experience. We seem to like the second hand experience more than the real deal.

Why can't we sit still in our lives just be and soak up the moments presented to us.  Not with fear and anxiety but with a truthful respect and a deep connection to our special place and time in this world. We seem to always push ourselves beyond the present moment. As if there is something more important just coming down the road.  Just one more curve, around the bend and all will be OK.  The problem is we take ourselves to this new place without changing our inner baggage and expectations.

We have replaced our quality time (our true moments of discovery) with what we do to survive.  This makes it harder once you get off work to focus on your true calling. What happened to your dreams?

And as your true path of discover begins to fade from view and you see those dreams you had dissolve into what ifs, you begin to look for distractions, a compensation for that loss of purpose so you put blinders on by turning from meaningful experiences to limited perceptions of fantasy and amusements.  These  remove us from our hectic pace of life's ever changing power to divert us from our real nature. Corporate media exploits the herd instinct of cautious behavior.  Fight or Fight.

By continually making life look violent and the continuous sounds of more wars, the propaganda machine wants to scare us into complacency and quiet desperation.  And this scheme they have used through out our history is a big money making scam. They can easily sell things to the cattle if they are pinned in with others of like minded fears, imposed on them by corporate ad men selling protection and pleasure.

We have a growing impersonal technological automated system of feeding the populace new commodities of cheap, over saturated accessible products.  We are no longer producing anything of substance that really matters to our whole being.  We take and take hoping for those little moments of self awareness that at least for a few seconds make us feel alive and in tune with ourselves.

Here in social media land you don't have to think or be responsible.  All you need to do is click your mouse and away you go down the distorted hole of unreality and lost purpose.  Keep moving forward through fenced corrals toward a better future that never materializes.  Don't stop now the media exclaims! The game is yours if you can take it from our iron fists.  These are the carrots put in front of your greedy eyes.  What you clamor for is their illusion of success.  Real success is creating your will to explore your inner world reflected in nature.  If you don't live your moments then you are being duped to live someone elses.

Think how easy it is for corporate media to isolate you from the things you want to do.  You must be strong and active in understanding that you control media, you can easily influence what information is presented to you through your media device.  To allow the media to choose the information you receive is like preferring static to music. 


Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016

Photographs are a memory enhancer.  They remind us of our past, our family, friends, events and the things we shared when we were together.  These were personal relics of our past and they had meaning and purpose when we took them.

We take pictures to remember our lives.  Images give us a sense of power.  An immediate reflection of an event no matter how banal and this inspires us because we have taken from our perspective a moment and now have that moment forever.  Pictures are an objective means of analysis.  They are themselves really stepping stones through the space and time we travel in.  Image authenticity depends upon the closeness you are to your subject.  If it is a family member then in all probability you will assume the snap shot represents a true moment captured of your relative.  It will be put in a scrap book and forever more you will remember that moment through the image you are viewing.

Pictures do not stop time.  It is a copy of a moment in time, the expression captured was just a quick facade for the camera. Images are just surface reflections of our internal wants.

What distinguishes us from the herd is our individuality.  And what we photograph, to have meaning for us and for us to share a part of ourselves through our images, is purpose and connection with external subjects.  By having a need to take pictures of something without empathy or interest for the subject means you are just snapping pics of things.  These things have no ultimate meaning or purpose but imitation.

Our family memories, our friends memories, our personal memories are not our own anymore.  There is break away from private moments and public moments.  We have now moved over the line of intimacy with our close friends and family to an all out deterioration of the family unit and our private moments of living who we are.  We are now spectacles to be posted and ridiculed on corporate media sites.  We are reduced to posting our lives in seconds instead of cautious reflection on what we want to present and say.  Everything is speeding up beyond our control and as we get caught up in the tidal currents of celebrity and needy likes, we lose the footing of willful purpose and creating images and words that have special meaning to us and hopefully to others.

The way around this merry-go round of manipulation and surveillance of our lives is to stop and think what am I really doing to our community of people that I share my time with.  Am I going to post something of values or am I going to give into the herd instincts and follow them down a path of exploitation and alienation through focusing my life through a small screen with no connection to who I am and no caring about what I want to express that really matters to me.

Being heard by others is necessary for our ability to feel needed. But we are not heard or listened to
in the important sense of friendship and family but now as strangers posting on other sites with limited words. Social media is an addictive force in our lives.  To be seen, to be seen and heard, to be seen and heard and liked that becomes your center of the universe.

To be part of this abstract technology that allows corporate media to gather info on its willing participants is unnerving.

Social media is self gratifying.  It reduces your world to a screen and that becomes your relationship with the external world.  It is your best friend, all your information is inside this small device. We are being absorbed in this social media collective as if this is living a real life.

Once corporate media gets a whiff of a trend which is so much easier nowadays, because of the amount of free information we give them about ourselves, they can easily make these trends into a selling and buying opportunity.  The great American exploitation of our exposed wants to buy products with hollow meaning. They know our income levels, they know our mental states, our emotions and these are easily manipulated into material needs of safety.

Do we even have a cultural memory now?  When we forget something we just ask our device and this becomes our new memory separate from our own consciousness and others.  Our memories are now being deposited on these devices so we don't have too use our own brains to remember.  That would be to much work, lets just ask social media for all our answers and we happily accept a summary of events instead of remembering our own moments we have lived through.

We don't use sentences to express our feelings, we use short symbols that speed up our thinking process which in turn reduces our ability to use whole sentences with thoughtful responses. Instead we use cliche's and symbols that have taken over our need to compose our own individual words and respond in a reasoned way.

The screen opens, eye candy for the senses. We now can hear, see, and react spontaneously to an outside web of mass propaganda.  The window lights up in your palm, music plays and like Pavlov's dog you react immediately to the hand held device as if it is your creator.

An alternate world draws you in from the outside, the cold world you have been struggling in. It appears benign and you get some likes and start to feel better about yourself and the collective mind begins to dominate your life, hindering understanding with propaganda of wealth, fame and exploitation.  Social media keeps the masses placated through vicarious moments of others continually separating you from your real life experience.