Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 28, 2017

Direct expression connected to a subject that has your interest but is not oppressed by your touchy feely control, will lead you to better created images and a better understanding of your subject.

Allowing the flow of perception to give you time to be spontaneous and at the same time connected with your subject on a deeper level is a gift and no one can ask for more when making images with purpose.

When you are being yourself there will be a natural flow of your truth without bias and favoritism toward a particular subject and you will not allow a preconception of what should be photographed or left alone be your inner guide.  You will be open to all possibilities, your guide will be your intuitive bonding with your developing sense of attraction that will lead to a natural reaction that gives your perspective on your subject a uniqueness all your own.

My present is what interests me.  It summons my being to be willing to participate amongst the stone structures made by other lives.

The present is always becoming the past.  And because of this we lose our footing in the now and begin to get nostalgic about out present without living it with intensity and a will to perceive deeper into the images that are their to make.

We are attracted to our own voice, feelings and experiences we have had and these become a life we live.  This knowledge excludes others. They are not part of our instinctive knowledge of our role in the universe.  This creates a separateness not a unification. This is not a bad thing if you respect others but seek your role in creating great imagery.

No matter how hard Social Media makes it sound like your are participating with others of like mind, your not.  Social media delivers us in the past.  Each post is past memory of someone or something.  It only exists because someone needed to feel welcome in their own skin and to remember the old days when life was acceptable.    

You must always be looking toward your future, your goals and your life.  This doesn't mean you lose touch with your past but use your past as a means to forge ahead with your creations and not be influenced by likes or dislikes.  What do you want to accomplish.

Social Media is a loud obnoxious noise, not calmness, but an extreme distraction away from self realization. Instead social media is an outward vacuum of wants, by separating ourselves from each other. We become obsessed with ego with glamour, fame and greed.

Social Media's selfish intent toward others, hoping to see a folly of cascading stupidity.  We become jealous of our own inability to break free from the controlling necessity to post on a handheld device our inner being.  Social media is not your friend but a barrier to becoming yourself.

Lessened information without knowledge, just words written without depth, we glide along surface details that have no real value to help you begin your life away from the constant chatter and visual dumming down of our perceptions and our thoughts.  We fail to think unless we react to a post we like or dislike.  Where is the originality of your personality.  Where are your special insights into image creation.  Believe me it has nothing to do with social media's copycat daily show.

The screen never is static, still, it is a constant bombardment of images colors and words that you are already tired of as you roam through endless apparitions of success and failure, decease, sacrifice, fears and mayhem.

You are witness to the tower being built under the babbling infinite dark space of our divided lives.

We are a speck in the eye of a performance, concentration reduced with quick views of banal propaganda and make believe importance.

Unless you are involved already with a willful purpose when you climb aboard the Social Media train of boring repetitions, you will view and mark like or dislike on posts as if you are giving the final say for everyone to agree or disagree.

And then you move on to the next post usually a photo that is easy to read and ignore or stimulates some kind of feeling good or bad in a past memory you never experienced first hand but wanted to.

Everything posted is interchangeable except your unwillingness to change views that could free you from being undermined by times constant duration.

Each thing you see, you like and absorb it into your fracturing mind.

Social media is an abstraction from living a life in your own skin, in your self with your own purpose and rightful deliverance from the controlling expectations we must break, the bonding you have with  social media is overwhelming your senses and deleting your ability to think for yourself.

Corporate media's message is to control the thought process, both political and social. The political we can protest but changing the social addiction we seem to have with social media's feeding our brains with nonsense, could be to late.

They have the control and have moved us further down the path of thoughtless beings, that assume pleasure only when viewing a hand held device.

Our years as independent minded human beings is eroding quickly as wave upon wave of useless information feeds our brains and erodes our own thought process to be independent.  We must fight against complacency and struggle to get out of the grip of social media.  We have our own thoughts and experiences and we must use that as a means to create work that is important to us.

You don't need someone else to like your work as long as you gave it your best shot and didn't copycat someone else's work but your own original feeling that led you to create an image worthy of your deeper self.

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