Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 15, 2017

Social Media is a trap, a time consumer of your life leaving you hollow looking for more little spikes of excitement. What does social media stand for? Ultimately it means objective nothingness.  A comma in your abandoned life.  I goal eater.  An obsession to be seen by strangers that have no meaning in your life exempt as a post on a computer that gives you a futile feeling of pleasure.  Social Media thrives on spectacle and entertainment.  There is little information that becomes legitimate when you blindly assume the written words/images on a screen are true.

You post others ideas as your own just to get likes from like minded strangers. Since when does likes equal original creative images and stories.  What you are basically doing is exposing yourself to a shallow depth a surface reflection of your own thoughts and moods manifested for all to see.  Where is the internal privacy we all need to percolate our creative intelligence to be original and not copy cat others dull sequences.

We all find our common denominator.  Social media doesn't inform, it calculates your inner needs and presents you with ads to match.  It homogenized your brain to think not for yourself but what others think. It repeats and repeats until the soft brain gets in line and follows the bouncing screen.

What is social media?  Social Media is a fraud of community.  It is taking community and their thoughts and broadcasting them to everyone.  What ever happened to privacy and close relationships of one on one communication.  Social media is transferring that closeness and putting it out for greedy eyes to see.  It is a scam to make billions of dollars on nonsense without real value. Your life and how you live it is the most important goal. Why would you want to keep your head down looking at a screen when the world is right in front of you in spectacular clothes.  Think for yourself don't be misled to feel you belong to social media.  All you are is a customer to send ads to.

What is the purpose of any company enterprise, of course to sell you something.  Their ads becoming more and more intrusive, more aggressive.  You give social media all the content that they need for free. Now Social Media has the ability to track each click you do on the web and sell that information to companies that will in turn send you more ads to buy, buy, buy.

What kind of life are we living when our lives have become commercialized.  Our lives are being taken from us and put on display and then we are sold products we don't need.

With everything for sale, we become products to sell.  We might as well be loaves of bread on a shelf.  And today there is a discount sale.

Once you lose your bearing it is hard to get back on track, life gives us many twists and turns but we must go with the flow knowing we are getting closer to our own goals.

How can the ordinary be ignored as we push ourselves to see, travel and be more than who we are, yet when all is said and done when we come home from the adrenalin rush we are still faced with the ultimate ending.  These social media distractions only prolong the final ending.  Why not find your source of creativity and explore it rather than distracting yourself with frivolous fears of death.

We return to our shallow frame without a core belief or an answer to what do I want to be.

Our minds have become numb to the personal life we were meant to live for a substitute life that is eroding your ability to become independent with your own ideas.  We see ads that change peoples lives but the only thing that can change your life is you.

With no need to take action or make something happen we sit on the couch or at your desk joining millions of other herded cattle to let your days get away from you with missed opportunities. All the while you are looking at a make believe reality of exposing oneself to the endless torrents of a rushing river that you travel on a daily basis.  Let go of your growing addiction to social media and create your world, generate your own will to become and not a spectator to someone else's dreams.

Reality now is blinded sight where everything we need is transmitted to our little device and we don't have to do anything with our own purpose but look and see the craziness of others.  Is this what you want?  How about creating your own purpose and use your time wisely not frivolously by starring at a screen for hours.  This screen is becoming your best friend and you are hypnotized to stare blankly at the desperation of wanting to be noticed at any cost.  Everything you need is circulated, throughout your narrow vision.  Instead of creating something yourself an expression of your inner landscape you choose through the power of social media to distort and to bring you nothing but sound bites and little trickles of sanity.

We are being trained to accept this new world of lower standards by the constant, infinite obstructions to yourself by habit forming voyeurism whereby you are not a live breathing human being but a mark, a fool having to hold your phone in your hand waiting for a sign that someone heard your plea to be noticed and like Pavlovas dog you wait and wait for that social media fix.

We are being trained like circus animals to react to each post that gives the social media company more information on your likes and dislikes so they can send you ads directed at your wants.  Our sensorimotor system organizes our lives by habit and we narrow our vision of who we are and become a commodity to be harnest by content,with a bombardment of ads.  But this new frontier brings the movie of the week and a false impression of activity, a removed reality to sequester your view from your living room and not a real experience.

Social media brings a world to you like a god with super powers.  Our silence seems to be not good enough for the powers that be.  Silence to think through your experiences, to begin to understand your predicament and to begin to solve this dilemma by exerting your strength to move outside that little device and experience the world first hand.

If you would change your effort, of the you spending hours looking into a little screen at others, and use that same will to immerse yourself in a subject that you have connected with by an honest relationship, a truth about yourself and your goals you can break the strangle hold social media has on you and its continued controlled alienation that is becoming the norm.

Now take that immersion in your subject that you have generated by making a connection of truth and now immerse yourself in humanity, instead of controlled alienation.

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