Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 5, 2017

Nature stands unmoved changing only when words change in their descriptions of her. Nature surrounds me but yet it has this illusive beauty that frightens me.  Nature intimidates me, becoming deceptions, inventions of sightless fear. Makes me feel inferior and because of this I begin to hate nature and want to destroy its very beauty that is beyond my understanding.

We feel only our limitations of human nature. We listen to a voice as an authority on our seeking answers.  We become dependent on someone else's knowledge and our inner intuition is voided. Memory entraps us, keeps us from seeing things anew.

Illusions of words is the main contributor to this inability to relax and let go and just be in your surroundings, flowing with your moments living in the now of your infinite choices.

We want stability and chaos is always present and we assume if we accept our structured thoughts built on words of stagnation we will be safe.

Words become their own truths, meant to control your conformity to status quo, and make them pillars of ancient gods without movement or truth. Your personal insights become limited and finally you abandon them to the controlling will of conformity.

Making life a dull word controlling your movements without thoughtful expression.

Nature becomes an enemy to fear instead of embrace and explore and make images of.  Words become deceptions and invention of the mind to control sight and in doing so pacify the need for stability against the increasing anxiety of life's dwindling opportunities.

Words create confusion, taking away the possibilities of a growing hunger for new possibilities.

Words of fear put up a barrier between your inner core and the outside forces we try and control through word manipulations.

We would rather destroy the very thing that will expand our senses and liven our minds to new truths.
And that is fearless acceptance of your very existence.  Your existential experience of your truth, your unique perspective.  In order to create photographs with meaning you must have confidence in expressing your thoughts through image creation.

Awareness gives us that connection.  Our heads aren't down looking at our feet repeating the standard path of conformity. Confidence in your intuitions creates a time flow that you ride as you journey to your  own destinations.

It feels effortless that connection you are making because you are present and aware not thinking through words before you act.  You are just in the now and enjoying the possibilities.

A feeling of a worthwhile effort to create an image you wanted to manifest not someone else ideas of what is good or bad.

Finding the compassion toward your subject allows you to free yourself from times cruel illusions of deadlines and places you need to be.  These stepping stones that limit your ability to focus not on your ideas but on a structure of capitalism which needs you to continually move in a fast paced deception of living. Where nothing is as it should be, not the right home, not the right clothes, not the right wife or husband.  You must according to the laws of ad manipulation never be satisfied, never be happy until you purchase this object not needed but wanted desperately.

Naming something is a regression from, not an acceptance of your present subject.

This lessens your experience to a made up approximation of a memory you saw in a photo book and not the real live view of the now moments that are passing by as you rummage through your memory senses to copy what you saw in the book instead of living in the present and finding your own image path to creating your own style.

Don't allow your repetitious demands of life interfere with your growing need to spend time exploring your new sensibilities.

Focus on your present moments and not on what has not happened and doesn't exist.

These hands are not mine, they are someone else's. Opening up to the infinite details is like becoming an infant again, where choices can be overwhelming.  But that is the fun of it.  Out of all this bombardment of information we weed through it with confidence that our unique vision will see the detail that begins the necessary examination of your shadowy image coming into focus and you begin to have a dialogue with your inner vision.

Don't allow indirect, sideways awareness to supplant and distance you from your immediate awareness.

If you allow your mind to ask to many questions you are creating a middle man that is interfering with your inner direct contact with your subject. This inhibits your life experience by baiting and switching out insights into inventions of distractions, like social media pop up ads, that are distracting you from living an intense aware life.

Don't distanced yourself from your immediate awareness by word transfer.  That is to shift the experience of your moments directly to the words themselves that describe your experience not the experience itself.  We have been duped to think that by taking snap shots and then describing the pics is actually living them. It is not. You have removed the experience to a past and have interfered with the full potential of these precious moments that are evaporating from your grasp.

To experience life, live not through an intermediary device that takes on human characteristics and is not there to allow you to have the freedom of choosing your experience but to put a ball and chain around your moments and funnel them into a system of distractions, through a clever media, that undermines your will and you succumb to the herd and we abandon our own experiences for a mechanical screen as if this is our new god.

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