Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 4, 2017

The younger generation is losing the ability to become their individual selves.  Technology is determining their feelings and their actions.  Their lives now are based on consumerism not just junk products but junk ideas, feelings and goals.  They are force fed the newest and the greatest not because they have earned or learned anything but because they are susceptible to the new wave of free info and manipulation of the brain toward a homogenized life of copy cats.

We no longer have any deep intellectual discussions of our reality we are creating.  We are stone deaf to the manipulations of our space and time. Our school systems have been corrupted in the structured policy that our kids don't need to learn on their own the answers to their inquisitive minds but now are hand fed the answers to memorize for tests that will determine the financial stability of their schools.

The young students are losing their mental discipline to find their own answers to hard questions and to pursue the subject from all sides.  We now have social media to answer all questions, so the young students don't need mental toughness to get at even what questions need to be asked. Lazy minded they instead are addicted to their own surface reflections on a hand held device that doesn't prepare them for what life is all about, their pursuit now is to make a life seen through a screen that is an allusion of communication and a detachment from life not an involvement in life.

What it comes down to is the process of gaining an intellect is ignored.  The conclusion is what matters.  How you got there is not important, the answer is what is real no matter what the benign shallow vision of accepted.

We are becoming lazy minds that stir the soil on its surface expecting to grow new ideas and new purposes.  But in reality the order has been structured for centuries.  We are herded and exploited because we are not listening to a better way to be.  If all we do is exist to up load snap shots of our lives then we are fragmenting our memory, our time line with family and friends.  This clutter of info and surface opinions is dumbing us down to be easily misled by the social media propaganda machine.

The mind stores memories and it takes will and purpose to edit out the fluff and to begin to remember who you are and what you want to be.

Without a known history we are lost in the manipulation of future paths that don't lead to our salvation but profit for the hungry and greedy minds of the con-men.

Are you always responding to an outside stimulus and not an internal purpose of self hood?  Technology is moving us away from a successful career as to what we want to be but instead limiting our choices by selecting only those jobs that serve the technology wealth and not the individual.

By putting a mechanical device between the you and your peers you feel embolden to attack rather than discuss and when the person attacked breaks where is the accountability for the attacker.  Cyber bullying is the norm for those weakened personalities of tech hood.

Social media gives us no deep seated friendships, we see only the superficial and this emboldens us to prove our superiority and express the current media propaganda.  Like recorders we regurgitate our thoughts that are handed to our angry egos and become the exploited many that don't understand the undercurrents of manipulation on your shallow reflections.  An ego being used by a few to make it look like the many have the same voice.

We are all unique in that we have our own paths to follow, not a path already old with false words of hatred and greed.

The new approval for our kids is not necessarily their peers anymore.  It is the social media.  Social media can distract and give them temporary relief from the pressure pushing down on them but it doesn't solve the problem but deflects it with a bunch of likes and ignores the real issue that problems are solved by you facing them and finding out what the real issues are.

We look at the new future through abstract eyes.  Seeing is the new believing without having to make an effort through hard work to have success.

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